List Of North West States In Nigeria Presently

In case you were asked what the North West states in Nigeria are and information concerning them, this write-up will list them out.


Map Showing The Northern States in Nigeria

The Northern tribes in Nigeria are known to be the largest but the poorest as they are poorly developed economically. Although, the north west boast of a relatively large land mass and size, it is not surprising to see that they are good in terms of agriculture, small and large scale farming and cattle rearing. This has been part of their culture for a long time.

There are 7 states in Nigeria that makes up the North west region. They are also the Hausa/Fulani speaking people who live nomadic lives. According to National Statistics, the population of the north is also the largest when compared to the south and the east. And as their population increases, the role of agriculture increases, yet most of the poorest states in Nigeria comes from this region. The government on their part are not doing enough to make life meaningful for their citizens occupying the north west territories.

Agricultural crops also grow in these region as the favorable soil-climatic conditions especially in Sokoto allows for rice, sugarcane, tobacco, and other crops as the rivers Niger which connect to the lower reaches of Kaduna, makes this possible. Mineral resources found in these North-West states are limestone and mostly coal. Crude oil has not yet being found in any northern region yet.

Below is a list of all North west states in Nigeria in no particular order:

  1. Zamfara,
  2. Kano,
  3. Kebbi,
  4. Katsina,
  5. Sokoto,
  6. Kaduna
  7. Jigawa.

Before independence in 1960, the factory industries located in the North-West was physically absent. Presently, they now have a sugar factory, a textile factory, an abattoir, a tobacco and match factories, a pulp and paper mill, a cement plant have also been built by the richest man in Nigeria and Africa, Alhaji Dangote. The main administrative and main economic centers of the northwest states are in Kwara and Sokoto, respectively.

For better clarification, we shall differentiate between the NorthWest and North-eastern part of Nigeria

The difference between the Northwest and Northeast of Nigeria is that the Northeast are excessively rich in terms of livestock especially cattle rearing. You would find more of slaughterhouses, canning and tanning shops for processing raw hides especially in the town of Vome on the Jos Plateau. You are sure to thrive if you engage in such business in the Northeast when compared to the North west.

North West and northeast are totally different. They even say that even inhabiting people are different. The security threat of Boko Haram is more prevalent in the Northeast than the north west, yet, the current situations in the North west states in Nigeria suggests that it is more safer when compared to that of the Northeast.

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