Full List Of Items That Can Be Imported Into Nigeria (2024)

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Nobody country has it all. There are items, goods and services that are imported into Nigeria from other foreign countries at some point in time. This is done so that trade will continue and businesses would thrive. This aphorism is most applicable world trade markets, as one country has to export while another has to import.  Nigeria as a nation mostly imports goods/items that their domestic Industries cannot produce as efficiently or cheaply as the country exporting it.

items that can be imported into Nigeria

Trade agreements and tariffs between nations indicate which materials and goods are less expensive to import.  Nigeria as a nation has free trade agreements with most of the G8 countries. In this article, we will be looking at a list of 100 items that can be imported into Nigeria.

Full List Of Items That Can Be Imported In Nigeria (2024)

According to Nigerian Customs Service, the following items can be imported into Nigeria from approved foreign countries:

  • Cars
  • Processed Petroleum Oils
  • Electro-medical equipment (e.g. Xrays)
  • Laboratory/pharmaceutical glassware
  • Motorcycles
  • Wheat
  • Medication mixes in dosage
  • Phone system devices including smartphones
  • Unused stamps (current or new issue)
  •  Electric generating sets, converters
  •  Chassis fitted with engine
  • Whole fish (frozen)
  • Cruise/cargo ships, barges
  • Temperature-change machines
  • Blood fractions (including antisera)
  • Electrical converters/power units
  • Taps, valves, similar appliances
  • Sugar (cane or beet)
  • Rubber/plastic article making machines
  • Flour/meal/starch/malt extract food preparations
  • Stone/ceramic working machine-tools
  • Centrifuges, filters and purifiers
  • Liquid pumps and elevators
  • Hot-rolled iron or non-alloy steel products
  • Miscellaneous machinery
  • TV receivers/monitors/projectors
  • Concentrated/sweetened milk, cream
  • Polyacetal/ether/carbonates
  • Packaged insecticides/fungicides/herbicides
  • Propylene/olefin polymers
  • Ethylene polymers
  • Dishwashing, clean/dry/fill machines
  • Rubber tires (new)
  • Refrigerators, freezers
  • Uncoated paper for writing/printing
  • Air conditioners
  • Spray/dispersing mechanical appliances
  • Heavy machinery (bulldozers, excavators, road rollers)
  • Trucks
  • Scents used for beverage or industrial manufacturing
  • Turbo-jets
  • Air or vacuum pumps
  • Miscellaneous iron and steel structures
  • Sewing machines, related furniture
  • Sort/screen/washing machinery
  • Automobile parts/accessories
  • Iron or steel pipe fittings
  • Industrial preparation machinery
  • Pulley tackle, hoists, jacks
  • Clean/sort/grading machines
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Paper-making machinery
  • Insulated wire/cable
  • Liquid/gas checking instruments
  • Palm oil
  • Public-transport vehicles
  •  Printing machinery
  •  Derricks, cranes
  • Electric motors, generators
  • Solar power diodes/semi-conductors
  • Pneumatic hand tool
  • Petroleum oil residues
  • Computers, optical readers
  • Artificial filament tow
  • Agricultural/forestry machinery
  • Other food preparations
  • Lifting/loading machinery
  • Iron and steel tubes, pipes
  • Aluminum plates, sheets, strips
  • Unmanufactured tobacco, tobacco waste
  • Weighing machinery
  • Plastic plates, sheets, film, tape, strips
  • Electric storage batteries
  • Vinyl chloride polymers
  • Moulding boxes/base
  • Iron or steel tubes, pipes
  • Aircraft parts
  • Amino-compounds (oxygen)
  • Whole fish (fresh)
  • Anti-knock/oxidation/gum inhibitors
  • Light vessels, fire boats, floating docks
  • Electrical/optical circuit boards, panels
  • Transmission shafts, gears, clutches
  • Gas/liquid/electricity/production meters
  • Malt
  • Textile bast fibers
  • Metal-rolling mills
  • Metal soldering/hot-spray equipment
  • Poultry-keeping, bee-keeping machines
  • Other measuring/testing machines
  • Gypsum, plasters
  • Carbonates, percarbonates
  • Chemical industry products/residuals
  • Move/grade/scrape/boring machinery
  • Survey/hydro/weather instruments
  • Machinery parts
  • Iron or non-alloy steel products (semi-finished)
  • Miscellaneous furnishings
  •  Petroleum gases
  •  Mixed alkylbenzenes, alkylnaphthalenes

 What You Need Know About Custom Duties

The Nigerian government levies custom duties on imports.  An import duty in Nigeria can vary from 5% to 60% averaging 12%.  In Nigeria, an import is subject to 7% surcharge and 5% value-added tax (VAT). It will be good to know that the paperwork required for importation in Nigeria is very lengthy.

As there are prohibited imports, there are also prohibited exports. Some of which include raw hides and skin, timber and building materials, unprocessed rubber, raw palm kernels etc.

Full List Of Prohibited Imports In Nigeria (2024)

Below are prohibited imported items that can’t enter into Nigeria and are easily seized by custom officers:

  •       The egg of birds
  •       beet sugar or cane
  •       chemically pure sucrose that is in solid form, and contains flavouring or colouring.
  •       powder and cakes , cocoa butter
  •       spaghetti or noodles
  •       dead birds on live Birds including frozen bottle
  •       vegetable oils and fats that are refined.
  •       mineral waters  and aerated waters  that contains sugar, flavoured or sweetening matter
  •       bagged cement
  •       Paracetamol syrup and tablets
  •       chloroquine syrups and tablets
  •       Metronidazole syrup and tablets
  •       cotrimoxazole syrup or tablets
  •       Ferrous sulphate tablets.
  •       ferrous gluconate tablets
  •       vitamin B complex tablets
  •       multivitamin tablets, syrups and capsules.
  •       folic acid tablets
  •       Magnesium trisilicate tablets and substance suspensions.
  •       Piperazine tablets and Syrup.
  •       Clotrimazole Cream
  •       Levamisole Tablets and Syrups
  •       Ointments – Penecilin/Gentamycin.
  •       Intravenous Fluids [Dextrose, Normal Saline, etc.]
  •       Waste Pharmaceuticals .
  •       Pyrantel Pamoate tablets and Syrups
  •       Soaps and Detergents
  •       Mosquito repellent coils
  •       sanitary wares of plastics
  •       corrugated paper and paper boards
  •       retreaded and used pneumatic tires
  •       telephone vouchers and recharge cards
  •       carpets and other textile floor coverings.
  •       Furniture but excluding laboratory cabinets such as fume  cupboards, seat frames, adjustment device, base Sledge,  arm guide, Microscope table.
  •       airmail photographic printing paper
  •       Coupons of  beting arrangements
  •       coupons of football pools
  •       beats that are composed of inflamable celluloid or similar substances.
  •       any counterfeit operated materials or articles that include base or counterfeit coin of any country.
  •       Tea mixed with other substances
  •       matches that are made of white phosphorus
  •       Manila
  •       Vegetables, meat or other food provisions that are declared by a health officer to be unfit for human consumption
  •       second hand clothing
  •       Metal or silver alloy coins that are not illegal tender in Nigeria
  •       Pistols that are disguised in any form.
  •       nuclei industrial waste and other toxic materials
  •       Alcoholic bitters
  •       Liquers
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