10 Highest Paid Art Courses in Nigeria (2024)

In the current economic climate, it is harder than ever to find a professional course with a high employment rate and a decent salary. To ensure they select a career that is sufficiently lucrative and highly effective, it is crucial for art students to take into account the best professional courses in the field that guarantees employment opportunities after getting an arts degree.

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If you’re thinking about enrolling in any university in Nigeria offering art courses that would likely lead to high-paying job when you graduate, then you might want to read this article. In this post, we provide the top 10 highest-paid art courses in Nigeria you can study in the university.


Here are the art courses in Nigeria that pays most this 2024.


Law still remains one of the most respected degrees in Nigeria, which is also known to offer excellent employment opportunities after graduating from law school in almost every industry. Undoubtedly, one of the top art courses for careers in Nigeria, or anywhere else in the world, is law. For starters, law is a body of regulations made by state organisations acting under the authority of the state. A society can preserve law and order by having the judicial branch of government apply the law.

Law is a popular field of study since it is necessary for maintaining order and law in society. There are many areas of law you can concentrate on if you choose to study them. Business law, environmental law, criminal law, and family law are some legal specialties. Laws relating to intellectual property, employment, health, and taxes, among others.

These undergraduate legal courses, combined with the law school courses you took in civil litigation, corporate law and practise, criminal litigation, property law, and law in practise, prepare you for a wide range of employment opportunities. You could then apply to work in a prestigious law firm or pursue a career in corporate practise. Your earning potential rises as you develop professionally and gain experience.


One of the arts degrees that offers its graduates good job chances is English Language because the abilities you’ll learn from doing this course are transferable to almost any field. With more than 370 million native speakers and over 978 million second language speakers, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. English is one of the most widely used languages in the world since it is also the language of media, the internet, and international communication.

After graduating from a Nigerian institution where you were admitted to study English, you will have a wide range of job options. However, because there are no obvious professional pathways other than teaching or lecturing, a lot of persons studying English don’t even know what to do when they finish their studies.

English language graduates are in high demand across industries because of their highly sought-after skills, which include excellent writing techniques, the capacity to generate written and spoken content succinctly, as well as sophisticated grammar and vocabulary. With a degree in English, you can work as an editor, journalist, public relations specialist, publisher, professor, researcher, and many other high-paying positions.


Even if you cannot enter a specific area directly after earning a degree in international relations, one of the best art courses you can study in Nigeria is international relations. This course, which combines the two disciplines of history and international relations, is offered at some universities in Nigeria. It can provide you with a broad knowledge base that may be applied to a variety of high paying jobs.

You can pursue a fulfilling profession in the public or commercial sector or in a non-profit organisation. With your knowledge of international relations, you could work as a relief coordinator, international educator, fundraiser, risk analyst, management consultant, or investment advisor, among other positions. The study of international relations examines how states and non-governmental organisations interact in areas including politics, economics, and security.


Another most lucrative art disciplines to study in Nigeria is mass communication. Your four years of university education in this course will provide you the solid theories and abilities you need to communicate knowledge to a big audience both orally and in writing. With a degree in mass communication and the corresponding abilities, you can choose from a wide range of employment choices in a variety of industries, including marketing, journalism, entertainment, communication consultancy, and broadcasting.

Mass communication is one of the arts disciplines with the most job opportunities in Nigeria, with several work opportunities for graduates. The process of disseminating and exchanging information with large populations through mass media is known as mass communication. Journalism and advertising are two examples of the different media and technologies used for information distribution that are related to mass communication.


One of the highest-paid art courses available to pursue in Nigeria is theatre arts. Your chances of success in the film industry and other related areas are greatly increased if you have a degree in theatre arts. A degree in theatre arts can help you perform well and increase your employability in the job market, but it is not an assurance for a successful career given how competitive the field is.

You can work as a playwright, movie director, set and costume designer, performing artist, theatre educator, stage manager, and drama therapist among other jobs with a degree in theatre arts. In addition, you can pursue careers as a teacher, arts manager, or public relations representative, to mention a few.

Theatre Arts is another fantastic professional course for art students that gives them the opportunity to not only become renowned but also to make a lot of money by appearing in movies as actors and actresses is theatre art. Nollywood is one of the biggest film industries in the world is in Nigeria, and it constantly needs new, better actors and actresses.


Music is an art course where you learn about the history and theory of music, how to run a music business, and how to perform and write music professionally. If you have a degree in music, you could do a lot of different things in Nigeria, especially in the booming music entertainment scene. You will be ready for high-paying jobs like music critic, voice coach, composer, lyricist, artistic director, and music producer because of the skills you learned in music class at university.


People might think that psychology is a science course, but it’s not because it’s not about science but about art. In Nigeria, the course may not be highly regarded, but many great psychologists have gone on to become therapists for individuals and families.  These people make a lot of money from counselling, which makes psychology one of the best courses for an art student to study.


If you have a degree in foreign languages, you can work as a translator or interpreter at an embassy, a multinational company, a government agency, or other places. And because not many people can understand foreign languages, you’ll have good pay and a long career. You could also decide to do both your paid job and freelance work as an interpreter or translator.

There are departments for the study of foreign languages like French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and Russian in several Nigerian universities, both private and public. You will gain a solid understanding of these foreign languages, as well as the cultures and civilizations that go along with them, throughout the course of your undergraduate studies. Additionally, you will study about spoken and written foreign languages as well as translation and interpretation techniques.


Another art course that offers graduates excellent work chances in a variety of roles in the creation of art is fine and applied arts. You can choose to work for yourself or choose to work for cultural organisations, the media, or other industries, all of which present potential to earn a respectable salary, with the skills and knowledge you acquire while taking this course.


With a degree in English literature, you can work in a variety of fields thanks to your many transferrable skills. After earning a degree in English literature, you may find employment in a variety of fields, including copywriting, publishing, teaching, and lecturing.


This degree falls under the category of computer sciences in the sciences, and graduates work with computers. They are also known as graphic designers and use software like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and other programmes to create vibrant logos, flyers, and banners.

Students majoring in art might choose this subject as well because it gives them the same options as graphic designers and digital developers, who essentially perform the same tasks. This makes it a fantastic decision, and it also makes it one of the most profitable choices available.

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