Good Grooming: The Human Body

The human body is made up of many parts. These parts perform different functions that organize the body into a single complex unit and we shall talk about the different parts of the body and how to take proper care of our bodies in the subsequent paragraphs. Taking care of our bodies is called grooming or good grooming and we shall look at it in detail as we progress.

good grooming of the human body

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This involves the maintenance of cleanliness and appearance of the body usually involving the skin, hair, etc.

Parts of The Human Body That Require Grooming

The parts of the human body that require grooming are:

a. The hair on the head;

b. The eyes;

c. The mouth, teeth and lips;

d. The nose;

e. The ears;

f. The fingers;

g. The feet; and

h. The skin.

Functions of The Parts of The Body That Require Grooming

Each of the parts of the body performs different functions for the shape and beauty of every person.

The Hair

A well-groomed hair gives the individual a very good appearance and beauty. This makes the individual look very attractive to others.

The Eyes

The eyes enable the individual to see properly if well cared for. Clear eyes with well groomed brows and lashes make people beautiful and attractive.

The Mouth, Teeth and Lips

If our mouth, teeth and lips are well cared for, they become attractive when we smile. We must not allow our lips to become dry and scaly. Apply gloss to keep them moist.

The Nose

If the nose is well cared for, it makes us breathe well.

The Ear

A well cared for ear prevents ear sores and accommodates earrings for women, making them look beautiful. It enables one to hear very well without shouting.

The Hands and Fingers

Well cared for hands and fingernails add beauty to the body. The hands should be kept clean always. Manicuring is recommended once in a while to keep the hands smooth and soft-looking.

The Feet

Well cared-for toes allow for a healthy look. A well maintained feet and toes prevents bad odour. The toes add beauty to individuals when the feet are exposed to people.

The Skin

The skin makes people look natural and beautiful. A well cared for skin is without pimples and other skin rashes.

The Need for Taking Care of The Body

It is necessary to take care of parts of our body for the following reasons:

1. Good care of the body makes one look very presentable.

2. Good care of the body makes one look healthy.

3. Good care of the body increases energy for work.

4. Good care of the body makes one eat and sleep well.

5. Good care of the body enables one to exercise well.

6. Good hair care helps one to avoid dandruff and lice in the hair.

7. Good mouth care removes bad mouth odour and teeth decay. It prevents dry lips and sores. It also prevents toothache.

8. Good ear care through the removal of excess wax makes one to hear very well.

9. Good care of the nose enables one to breathe well.

10. Good care of the nail of the fingers and feet enables one to avoid eating bacteria or food poison.

11. Good skin care prevents skin diseases such as rashes, eczema and dry skin.

Results of Lack of Care of The Parts of The Body

The Hair

Lack of care for the hair makes it smell badly. It also makes one look untidy and unhealthy. Persons with unkempt hair may be rejected by friends.

The Eye

The eye is very important to us; we therefore should care for our eyes. The eye is responsible for our ability to see. If we are careful not to hurt our eyes with dust sand or blows  then we will not need glasses.

The Mouth and Teeth

Lack of proper care of the mouth and teeth causes decay of the teeth and mouth odour. It can make someone sick and make chewing of food difficult. It can also lead to tooth loss.

The Nose

Lack of care of the nose causes sore and it makes breathing difficult.

The Ear

The ear is for hearing and it also adds beauty to our look. Lack of ear care can cause ear ache and sore in the outer ear. It can also lead to deafness.

The Fingers

Lack of care of the nails of our fingers can create sores on the skin of used for scratching  It can also cause finger illness called whitlow. Whitlow is a finger disease that causes swelling and may lead to the pulling off of the nails  The fingernails can carry germs that can cause food poisoning if we use the hand to eat or prepare food.

The Feet

Long nails on toes can tear shoes and stockings if not trimmed. Long nails can also cause sore which can accommodate germs and make a person sick. Lack of care for the feet can cause toe or shoe infections.

The Skin

If the skin is not well cared for, skin rashes and pimples may result. Skin infections make people look very ugly and sickly. People with skin rashes and pimples need to treat themselves at a high cost.

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