Cost of Driving Schools in Nigeria Today (July, 2024)

The fees for learning how to drive a car in Nigeria as a beginner could be affordable for you depending on the location and driving school in question. This should also not be a factor stalling you from driving your own car yourself. While the cost of driving may vary in these schools, quality of their services should be a priority for you. In this post, the fee for getting enrolled in these driving schools and the needed requirements would be highlighted in paragraphs below.


In getting your driving lessons, you would be mixed with in-classroom lessons on road safety and the practical aspect of being taught for number of hours on the driving of car itself.

There are lots of qualifications to meet before being admitted into a driving school. One of such is age and other necessary requirement/documents like Driver’s license. A1 Driving Institute, Chrisvin Driving School and Heritage Driving School are top rated institution to get your driving lessons and becoming a pro driver.

Costs of Driving School in Nigeria (2024)

The quality of service a driving school will render to you largely depends on the size of the amount requested to be paid. Several top-notch schools like A1 Driving School charges N38,500 for a beginner training that will involve having five days of lessons in a week for a period of four weeks. A different story is with AA Rescue Driving School as their cost for 5 weeks intensive program is for a fee of N55,000 which exceeds the former.

The amount to pay to know how much it would cost to learn how to drive in Lagos from any of its accredited driving schools shouldn’t cost more than N20,000 to N50,000 only.

When considering the price and affordability, driving schools in Lagos is much preferred. The reasons for this has been to the competition of many schools there to be at the top. Contrasting with Port Harcourt where driving schools like Ace Centre, Easy Way International and Classic Driving School offer their services for a price in the range of N40,000–N70,000. The amount here is far more than that of Lagos city. So when going for a school of driving, be considerate of the location that can give you an affordable and less expensive driving experience.

List of driving school costs in different areas of Nigeria

City/Area Average Training Costs Driving Schools
Abuja N50,000 to N80,000 AA Rescue driving school, Aso driving school and 65 other driving schools in the capital.
Ibadan N20,000 to N50,000 His Grace & Mercy Driving School,
Heritage Concept Driving School and Best Drivers Driving School.
Ikeja N15,000-30,000 About 25 driving schools are located within Ikeja.
Lagos N15,000 to N50,000 Drive Smart Limited, Gamgreens Driving School and flock of many driving schools.
Lekki N15,000–N50,000 A1 driving school, AA Rescue and Heritage driving school.
Port Harcourt N40,000–N70,000 AA Rescue, Ace Centre Driving School, Classic Driving School and Easy Way International Driving School.

Nonetheless, the fee of driving schools entirely depends on the type of course training you chose to go into. Not all schools publicize their pricing but others chose to outline the price once you register with them. Through that you’ll be able to select a course that suits your demand and pocket.

All lot of driving schools wishes to advertise their self to intending customers and for this case has made it hard for them to give a fixed price they collect for their services.

How To Find The Best Driving School

Finding a good driving school is equal like going to a mall or street vendor to buy an item. There you’ll only take home foods, beverages and other items that gladly suites your demand.

Locating a proper driving school is the same scenario as above, you are only attracted to what you’re interested.

  • Look for a suitable school

You’re vehicles much open to sundry training schools. Your job will be to survey in the vast numbers of them the one that you’re a capable: costs; location; courses and nature of trainings they offer. Most driving schools have aides to guide you in your road lessons. This is one of the factors to consider when making your choice.

  • The Costs

In settling for the best option, its preferable to perform a comparison of costs and services. This process will make you not be oblivious on the idea of which school offers the best bargain. How much will I spend? What to expect? is the consequential questions you should ask to avoid the unexpected. You may also be inquisitive on whether the test can be repeated if you fail to pass and also about their refund policy.

Summing all these together will make you settle for a driving school that meets your worth.

  • Best fit

Driving schools offer different variety of lessons that suits different classes of individuals: young, old, middle-class and first-class. There are traffic violation lessons, teen lessons, mature driving lessons and defensive driving lessons. Services of trained professionals of the driving school are employed in instructing students. They act as supervisors for those they school by teaching them the rules of the road and the real life practice.

  • Examine the vehicles

Can you take driving school lessons in any car? Several driven institutions allow learners to use their own car for the lessons, others require you to use the driving school car. There are a number of reasons to check for this which includes issues like insurance, vehicle maintenance and the controls of the car, whether in good condition.

  • Know more about the school

Lastly, this is what you should have done from inception. If possible go personally to the school and be conversant with their dealings. But if not possible to go there, just search for information about the driving school.

This has been our take on this as we believe you were abreast on the price and fees driving schools in Nigeria charges for their services rendered.

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