Cost of Building an Application in Nigeria (2024)

Imagine having mobile applications, such as twitter, facebook, linkedin, wordpress etc. You would always want to see your application be among the mobile apps in people’s phone. The reality of a mobile app is that, it makes it easy for people to visit your platform easily without having to use a web browser. There might be many things involved in building an app in Nigeria, and one of such is the cost. This write-up will be based on the cost of building an application in the country.

cost of building an app in Nigeria

The applications market, especially the one which involve mobile apps, has been one of the leading things over the years. The reason for their patronage is because more people are looking to promote, market and make their products more readily available for their customers. As such they have looked at the concept of building a mobile app development which will help improve their engagement. There is no doubt that mobile applications are mostly used for communication, games, business,  sports and other similar section. With a lot of people having interest in these mobile apps, the work of creating these applications is core business for some. Hence the need to emphasize on the cost of being one of such producers.

The Cost of Building an App in Nigeria (2024)

Just as the normal business people engage on, building an app is one of such enterprise. A lot folks chooses it because of the accompanied benefits of them making these application softwares. As many would inquire about the cost of venturing into this business, through this post, you will be get acquainted with how much is good to build an app in the country.

To give an estimated price range, the cost of building an app is between N40,000 to N50,000 for a basic application. A software engineer, for a more advanced application by a top app developer, would charge up to N300,000 to N500,000, depending on the type of application. The size of your pocket will certainly determines the kind of app that is suitable for you. 

For the most part, it is difficult to decide how much it would cost in building an application. This is because there are numerous factors engaged with on deciding the expense of this. Though there is an amount application software builders charge, but aside from that, the cost is generally reliant on the sort of application you are hoping to create and some different variables which contribute to the app creation in a way or the other.

In light of this, it is important to take note of that the cost that would be expressed beneath may slightly differ from what is obtainable. This is because, the general cost of building an app, to a great extent relies upon numerous factors and may fluctuate depending on which app you are hoping to have.

It ought to be taken of note that the cost as featured above just fill in as a fundamental guide to comprehend the potential cost of building an app in the country. This connotes that the aforementioned prices is based on what is obtainable in some cases, but the figures may be of slight variance when hoping to build up an application.

When intending on a mobile app, it’s important to get some information about the expense of a application – in that, its quite hard to know the exact cost of it without having the details or information. Besides, the estimation depends on the time frame and duration to actually fabricate or build the ideal application. This is due to the fact that the cost will likely alter with respect to time.

Variables That Determines The Cost Of Building An App

Below are few of the essential factors that influences the cost of app building in the country;

Kind of Application

This is one of the most significant factors that determines how much you will spend to have your dream application software. This factor has more impact than most different components to be talked about, in that, there are various types of applications and they vary depending on their classification. So it now left for you to know what type from application are you hoping to build. Actually, the kind or type of the application influences the amount you will in the end spend on the application you are hoping to build.

There are a different types of applications, which incorporate gaming application, business application, social application, and other numerous different kinds. These applications fall  into different classes, which include local applications, database-driven applications, cross breed applications, etc. For the most part, in settling for a considerate application, the mobile ones are the least expensive to have. Aside from the expense of design, building a standard mobile application isn’t as costly as a more advanced standard application. Generally, it is preferred for beginners to start with mobile applications because of the low cost in building it.


The audience of your intended application is one of the things to consider. In this, your app should be structured depending on what you want it for and the kind of people that will use the application. You should also determine the login mode, whether the application will be coordinated with different applications or as single. For corporate applications, you may be hoping to consolidate the application into the ERP framework. Additionally, to improve the security of your application, you will ought to have a security framework, including two-factor validation. This depends on the criticality and nature of the application you intend to build.

The Application Platform

The platform you are building the application is a determining variable to the expense and cost of building the application. By this, you have to take a gander at the platform the application will be taking a shot at. There are different platform where you can build your application on. They include iOS, Windows (which is nearly center for PC based applications), and Android platform (popular and preferred alternative for mobile applications).


An application, or simply an app, is a computer program or software application that is designed to run on devices like PC, phone, tablet, or watch. The process of creating these softwares is termed as building the application, and lot is involved in this to make them fit into these devices. Aside from how to build applications, the cost of building an application is also important, due to the fact that it gives the whole scale of what is required. This article has been more explicit on the cost of building an application in Nigeria. Through this, it will give intenders the view of how much is needed to build an app in the country.

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