Top 10 Best Breeds of Broilers in Nigeria & Prices

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A kind of chicken known as “broilers” is reared and groomed exclusively for its flesh. While those with sluggish growth may take up to 14 weeks, the majority of broiler chicks reach slaughter weight between the ages of four and seven weeks.


In a country like Nigeria, where many people engage in side businesses to increase their income, poultry farming is a well-known profitable business. Furthermore, it is not surprising that those who rear chicken favour broiler chickens. Because of their rapid turnover and potential for timely, substantial income, broiler chickens are the most widely produced chicken breed in Nigeria.

Furthermore, a large number of individuals consume broiler chicken both abroad and domestically. However, starting a broiler farming business in Nigeria has its own risks, with high mortality being the most prevalent. How, however, can you determine the ideal chicken breeds plus their prices? All these are covered in this write-up.


Continue reading to learn more about the various types of broiler chicken breeds available in Nigeria and their prices this 2024.


The most common breed of broiler sold now in the Nigerian livestock market is the Cornish Cross. This breed of broiler is widely available in grocery stores around the nation. The birds have red combs and are very huge. They are clothed in white feathers. They have thick, powerful-appearing yellow feet and legs.

These breed of broilers that grows the quickest is Cornish Cross. At six weeks, the males can weigh up to 6 pounds and the females up to 5 pounds. Studies reveal that females develop slightly more slowly than males. These birds have rather rapid growth, although they are vulnerable to illness. Because of this, experts advise against raising them in a free-range system. As an alternative, you should raise them in a cage system with sufficient upkeep.


One of the types of broiler breeds found in Nigeria is the Ross 308. These broilers do exceptionally well in terms of yield. They grow quickly as well. The Ross 308 broilers always have a robust appearance. From the time they are six weeks old, this breed of broiler can be placed on the market for sale. Their skin tone is vivid. Ross 308 broilers have enormous breasts, white, healthy legs, and strong muscles. They are still young when these legs and breasts are created. A lot of eggs are produced by Ross 308 broilers. Because of this, they are in high demand. They are also quite disease resistant. The feed efficiency of Ross 308 broilers is controllable. If fed appropriately, they can grow to a weight of up to two kilos.


The beef at Moyer’s K-22 is renowned for its flavor. Because of this, most people who enjoy eating chicken meat favor this breed over all others. Moyer’s K-22 beef is highly healthy because it is lean and low in fat. In addition to this, this meat has a soft texture and a distinctive scent all its own. The problem with Moyer’s K-22 is that they don’t grow as quickly. In contrast to the breeds mentioned above, this breed matures at about ten weeks. They might be there at eight weeks if the circumstances are favorable and you give them the correct nutrition.

Farmers with pastures are advised to use Moyer’s K-22, according to experts. As a result, you can keep these birds in a free-range setting. They are allowed to move anywhere and consume whatever food. You must take care to protect them from diseases, though. The Moyer’s K-22 exhibits superb conformation, with plump, soft breast meat and skin.


Nigeria is home to a unique breed of broiler known as the Grinphield Marshall. Although they develop very quickly, they do not grow as quickly as Cornish cross broilers. They frequently grow extremely large and tall. There are a lot of Grinphield Marshall broilers on the market. You can raise them utilizing the free-range style of production because they also have a strong resilience to illnesses. The Grinphield Marshall broilers are notably among the greatest broilers to raise because of their remarkable disease resistance. They can be put on the market for sale as soon as they become six weeks old since they grow so quickly.


These birds are suited for production in the open air or under free-range conditions due to their strong disease resistance. The carcasses of Red Broilers are longer than those of other broilers. They also have smaller breasts and longer legs. As a general rule, slower-growing breeds are preferable to faster-growing breeds for free-range production. When comparing growth rates, Red Broilers and Moyer’s K-22 are fairly close. It takes these birds roughly 10 weeks to reach table size. They make up for their slower development rate with strength and illness resistance.


Roaster Chicks are chicken broilers mostly found in the Northern part of Nigeria and these broilers grow at moderate rate. In seven to eight weeks, they reach table size. Although they don’t develop as quickly as Grinphield Marshall or Cornish Cross, they do develop more quickly than Moyer’s K-22. They rank among the biggest of the bunch when they grow, though.

The great level of disease resistance exhibited by Roaster Chicks or Cornish Giants is another benefit. In addition, they are quite beneficial to consume for humans, especially if you want to reduce weight. These birds have excellent skin texture and sensitive, swollen breasts.


Another type of broiler found in Nigeria with a medium growth rate is the Rosambro. The Roaster Chicks and it belong to the same category. When they are eight weeks old, you can raise them to table size and sell them. The fact that these birds have a highly distinctive flavor is one of their key advantages.  In terms of behavior and disease resistance, Rosambro Broilers and Red Broilers are quite similar. They also have beautiful skin texture and outstanding conformation. One of the tastiest meats available comes from this breed of broiler.

The medium-growth sort of broiler chickens includes this breed. Before being marketed, they can be cultivated for roughly eight to 10 weeks. They nevertheless grow a little bit more quickly than red broilers despite this. The flavor of Rosambro broilers is distinctive. Many of the advantages of Red Broilers, including as outstanding conformation, plump, soft breast meat, and good skin texture, also apply to Rosambro Broilers. However, they develop more slowly than the Cornish Cross and more quickly than Red Broilers.


Indian game used to be another name for Cornish broiler. It has a thick, large breast that is extremely large and deep for a chicken. The majority of Cornish breed animals have short legs. The dark brown is the most recognizable of the Cornish broiler’s three color variations. The majority of prevalent poultry illnesses are resistant to the Cornish broiler. It has stiff, thin feathers. It has been discovered that the Cornish broiler is a good meat breed but a poor layer. It produces tiny, pale brown eggs.


Due to its high disease resistance, the Red Ranger Broiler is one of the most lucrative broilers for Nigerian farmers to breed and make profit. Due to their delayed growth, Red Ranger broiler chickens produce good yields of both white and black meat, both of which have a soft texture and a well-liked flavor. The tail feathers, shanks, beak, and even the skin are all yellow on the Red Ranger Broiler. It also has dark red feathers with white or black accents.


Identifying the ideal breed of broilers can help you decide which birds to buy. As a result, your chances of being a successful broiler farmer are increased. We recognize that determining the best breed of broilers in Nigeria is a difficult task.

For this reason, we conducted a survey on your behalf to compile the price list of the best breeds of Broilers in Nigeria:

  • Cornish Cross Broilers: A carton of 50 day-old chicks costs ₦15,000.
  • Grinphield Marshall: A box of 50 day-old chicks costs as little as ₦20,000
  • Moyer’s K-22: A carton of 50 day-old chicks costs as little as ₦15,500.
  • Red Broilers: A carton of 50 day-old chicks costs as little as ₦15,500.
  • Roaster Chicks or Cornish Giants: A carton of 50 day-old chicks costs as little as ₦18,500.
  • Rosambro Broilers: A carton of 50 day-old chicks costs as little as ₦15,000

These birds’ prices can change depending on a number of variables. The store you buy from and the vendor you choose are two of these criteria that are important. The age of the birds and prevailing market conditions are two other typical elements influencing broiler pricing on the market.

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