Weight Loss Drugs Available In Nigeria

Are weight loss drugs available in Nigeria? This question pops up on the minds of many people most especially; those that had perceive themselves as being fat or overweight. You don’t need to be surprise why such questions are been asked. Nigeria is not as developed as the western world where unlimited resources are been put into research just to meet the need of people.


Weight loss Drugs Available in Nigeria

To complicate the issue, the country had been flooded with a lot of take-today-slim-tomorrow kind of drugs that promise far more than delivered. You can imagine a sponsored post on a very popular blog in Nigeria that promise to help people lose weight using a product; long story cut short, it never delivered and the blog as well as the business behind the product was bombarded with negative reviews.

So it makes sense when someone interested in getting a weight loss drug specifically ask if he/she can get it in Nigeria. Because frankly, weight loss drugs are expensive, ranging from nothing less than N5,000 to over N100,000 so it reasonable to ask before spending  money on such drug. So back to the question, are weight loss drugs available in Nigeria? The answer is Yes, there are weight loss drugs available in Nigeria. However, you need to read reviews of these drugs before spending you money on. You can find these drugs on Jumia, Konga and jiji.ng

On your own part as the person in need of the remedy, be realistic with your expectation else some smart marketers will outsmart you. Expectations like drugs that will make you lose weight in 3 days or so is a receipt for disaster and only set you up as a prey. Weight being lost on a long run is best for the body, you never gained those weight in 3 days, not even in a month, why then are you all out looking for a 3 day weight loss drug? Be realistic and do your research before spending money on any weight loss drug in Nigeria.

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