Tribes With The Strongest Juju in Nigeria

The majority of Nigerian tribes have been accused of practicing Juju, a type of black magic, according to their traditional instincts even before the introduction of Christianity in the country.

tribe with the strongest juju

This particular form of witchcraft is thought to have its roots in West African nations and is widely practiced there.

Juju is a belief system that combines magical things like amulets and spells, giving it a supernatural power that is higher than the average.

In a broader sense, the term “juju” can refer to magical qualities and luck-related items. We shall discuss which Nigerian tribes have the strongest juju in this post about this subject.


Looking at the origins of juju, it is clear that the Priest-Kings of particular towns in West Africa were the subject of the term’s first use.

These individuals were the traditional rulers who had a strong preference for the local gods. They played the roles of both a Priest and a King, so to speak, in addition to being additional Kings.

Sir James Frazer, a well-known Scottish folklorist, wrote this down.

According to his narrative, the Priest-King of Elele, a town in the Degema district’s northwest, is the town’s main juju. Present-day Rivers State has the location of Degema.

Furthermore, according to his tale, the Priest-King was chosen to rule for a period of seven years and was regarded as a bringer of prosperity and good fortune to the kingdom.

This means that the land prospered while he was well and living, but if he were to perish, the people would suffer from starvation and natural disasters. This was the prevailing opinion at the time the Priest-King was in power.

Juju is constantly said to have two sides, both of which can affect the individuals negatively or favorably. There is good juju and negative juju, the latter of which can be avoided.

Having said that, the vast majority of juju in the nation, including the ones we’ve heard of or witnessed, has been evil juju. This is the kind of juju that brings bad luck to anyone the charms and spells are cast on.

However, good juju has the exact opposite effect, bringing luck and favor to the individual in question. In the following section, we shall answer the query as to which tribe is the most fetish in Nigeria.


There are numerous tribes in Nigeria that continue to practice their traditional and spiritual beliefs today. Let’s look at these fetish tribes in the nation with the most powerful juju.


The Ijebu tribe of the Yoruba is unquestionably the most powerful juju tribe in Nigeria. Ijebu is rightfully regarded as the tribe in the nation with the strongest black magic or witchcraft.

Ijebu people of the Yoruba ethnic group in Ogun state are undoubtedly the most grounded juju clan in Nigeria, despite the fact that several clans can boast formidable juju practitioners, such as the Dibias for the Igbos and even the renowned Edo people.

Ijebu, also known as Ijeun Ini Ibu, means “eating from the most deep ocean” and refers to choosing from the most exceptional items that are found on the sea floor.

Even the name of the Ijebu is designed to instill fear in the hearts of the majority of people in the nation. The Ijebu tribe is regarded as having a rich, enduring culture and tradition.

Additionally, they are typically quite resilient people. Many of the wealthiest citizens of the nation come from the Ijebu tribe.

The Ijebus are considered to be one of Nigeria’s largest ethnic group. Actually, they were the majority of students taught by western education.


The Esan tribe are an ethnic group also with powerful black magic in Nigeria. They fall under the group of individuals who are Esan language speakers.

They speak the Esan Language, which is their native tongue. The Esan are primarily farmers, trado-clinicians, mercenary soldiers, and hunters.

An ancient ethnic group called the Esan clan once controlled the present-day Edo State in the South-South region of Nigeria.

The Esan tribe is well-known for its fishing, farming, and juju (a traditional deity) worship. This is evident in their customary practices, which combine black magic with conventional devotion.


The majority of Nigeria’s riverine ethnic groups are known to practice one or both types of spirituality. Ijaw is the most notable of them; it has a force known as Egbesu that is extremely powerful.

The Ijaw people of the Niger Delta worship Egbesu as their god or justice-related divinity. In addition, Egbesu is seen as the spiritual basic energy for overcoming evil.

Only those who are in harmony with the universe are permitted to employ the Egbesu force, and only in self-defense or to right an injustice. The lion, panther, and leopard are animals that represent the divine force.

Egbesu has both a philosophical and a spiritual component, with the latter being more prevalent lately as a result of conflicts in the areas where the Ijaw live.


There are a few other noteworthy tribes in the country who greatly favor juju and conventional practices. The following are among them:

Ogoni Tribe

Igbo Tribe

Fulani Tribe

Efik Tribe

Andoni Tribe

Annang Tribe

Nupe Tribe

Despite the fact that most people in the nation share its presumptions, juju is primarily performed by Nigerian tribes. With this in mind, several tribes and ethnic groups in the nation have been worshiping this spiritual divinity.

The famous tribes are the Ijaw, Andoni, and Oron from the riverine regions, all of which still have a strong preference for traditional beliefs. All other tribes have their own juju, which is evident in their elaborate traditional ways of believing.


Taking a closer look at what Juju actually is, it is just an item that has been purposefully combined with magical energy or the enchanted energy itself.

Juju can also refer to a spiritual belief system that makes use of witchcraft and black magic. Juju is neither good nor harmful, yet it can be employed both for good and evil activities.

In this article, we discussed the top 10 most fetish tribes in the country by putting a lot of emphasis on identifying the Nigerian tribes with the most powerful juju.

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