Traditional Marriage Requirements in Tiv, Benue State (2024)

Traditional marriages in Tiv, Benue State, are always interesting and full of displays of Tiv culture and heritage. Tiv traditional marriage rites are regarded as one of the most valuable and culturally rich of all Nigerian tribes. Traditionally, it is a rite that includes getting a wife, the distribution of numerous gifts, and the performance of difficult ritual procedures.

traditional marriages in tiv Benue state

Though it may be flamboyant, depending on the families’ socio-economic status, it is not always prohibitively expensive. Marriage, like every other event in the Tiv tribe, has its own set of procedures.


Any Tiv girl who is to be married must be at least 18 years old, as it was stated that any violation Tiv traditional marriage rites will result in a boycott by traditional rulers and elders, as well as the denial of traditional marriage registration, as well as other traditional sanctions as the community may deem appropriate.

If the lady or girlfriend you want to marry is from the Tiv Tribe, the steps to take to obtain traditional marriage requirements are as follows:

  1. Pay a visit to her family with some of your family members or elders to express your intentions and set up an introduction date.
  2. Depending on the bride’s family, the groom and his family will bring bottles of drink, a bag of salts, and even meat bush meat to the introduction date.
  3. Following the receipt of these items, the families of both couples will be separated into two rooms. One for the men and one for the women.
  4. Both families will decide on the wedding date and the traditional marriage requirements in this room. This is decided in the male’s room, which is attended by the bride’s father, groom’s father, and other elder men.
  5. The groom’s family will also pay the bride’s price after the wife has shown everyone her husband by presenting him with a drink.
  6. She will also accompany her husband to the female room, where they will be counseled by both mothers.
  7. The brides’ elders men will also distribute a list of traditional marriage requirements.
  8. Finally, the bride’s family, neighbors, and youth may demand money from the husband. He’s expected to give everything he’s got.
  9. After everything is finalized, the bride’s family entertains their guests with traditional Swonge dancers and music. Kwase Kuhwan refers to the entire process.
  10. By this point, you should have obtained the traditional marriage list requirements from the Tiv tribe in Benue State.


Depending on the bride’s family, the following is what you are expected to present to them:


  • Local Gin
  • Cowries (Azenga)
  • Matches
  • Pig


  • Necklace
  • Broom
  • Basin
  • Mat
  • Chair
  • Table
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Bowl called Mudu in Tiv(for measuring things)
  • Umbrella and soft drinks.
  • Bushmeat
  • Salt
  • Palm oil

Then, for the bride price, you are expected to pay a sum of N40,000 or less.


Preparation for a Tiv traditional wedding rite usually takes a long time, and one of the most time-consuming processes is sometimes the preparation of clothes. Tiv people prefer to attend the ceremony dressed in their traditional attire. Tiv people dress brightly, and the groom and bride’s attire appear to be the most important aspects of a wedding.

The most consistent element is the black and white stripes on the clothes made of A’nger material. Wedding attire is also inextricably linked to a variety of accessories, such as headdresses, bracelets, and necklaces. The most popular element is black and white beads.

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Tiv culture is very rich and developed in many aspects, and marriage is, of course, one of the most prominent aspects of this culture. Tiv traditional marriage rites are still celebrated as a significant cultural event. Tiv people cherish their traditions and continue to preserve and support them even in today’s world.

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