Top 10 Richest People in Ebonyi State & Net Worth (2024)

Ebonyi state is quite well famous for its agricultural produce, which in turn brings a lot of wealth and revenue. There are a few millionaire businessmen in the state who are wealthy. These individuals are well-known for being politically, commercially, and professionally inclined in the state.

But who are these individuals that rank among the top ten richest men in Ebonyi State? That, in my opinion, is one of the factors that lead you to this blog page. This article lists the top 10 wealthy individuals in Ebonyi state and their current net worth.


Below are the top 10 wealthiest men in Ebonyi state, along with their current net worth.


Chris Abani is a prolific writer who achieves great success in his field. Chris Abani is a well-known Nigerian and American author who has established a name for himself among English-speaking readers who were up in several African nations. Abani received his bachelor’s in arts in English and literary studies from Imo State University.

Chris Abani’s background is largely unknown, however we do know that the prolific author graduated with a Master of Arts in Gender and Culture from Birkbeck College, University of London. Chris Abani’s net worth is believed to be over $20 million according to online sources.


Senator Anthony Agbo is a rich politician from Ebonyi state. He was chosen to serve as a senator for the state’s Ebonyi North senatorial district. He also belongs to the People’s Democratic Party. Senator Anthony Agbo is also a well-known author outside of politics. He has published his works in a number of journals, and he is a devoted promoter of Nigerian literature.

He has received high praise for his work as a politician since he supported or joined in supporting a number of bills in the National Assembly’s upper chambers. Sen. Anthony Agbo’s total net worth is thought to be $15 million. This demonstrates his status as one of Ebonyi state’s wealthiest citizens.


Anyim Pius Anyim was the former senate president of Nigeria and a lawmaker. Anyim Pius Anyim is a popular politician in the state.

He is one of the select few Igbo-born Nigerians who has achieved success in politics. He was once the Secretary to the Government of the Federation in addition to serving in the Nigerian Senate.

Anyim is a well-known lawmaker who sponsored several motions while serving in the house.

Sen. Anyim is among the wealthiest people in Ebonyi, as evidenced by the size of his property. He is one of the richest politicians in Ebonyi state with a net worth of $15 million.


Andy Chukwu is a wealthy and well-known director in Nigerian film industry. Andy has directed a huge number of well-known movie videos, including Karishika, Witches, Issakaba, and many others. He is an Obinagu native, having been born in Ishiagu Town, Ivo Local Government Area, Ebonyi State.

Andy has effectively gotten involved with a number of local youth empowerment initiatives thanks to his wealth. A skills development program is included in one of those projects. The estimated net worth of Andy Chukwu is $10 million.


Sam Egwu is a wealthy and a two-time governor of the state of Ebonyi. He had already amassed considerable riches before entering Nigerian politics. Sam Egwu identifies as a People’s Democratic Party voter.

He is also regarded as a prominent educational figure in the state due to his significant contributions to the growth of education in the region. He also taught at the Technical University of Enugu State. He now represents the Ebonyi North Senatorial zone in the Nigerian Senate.


Elechi is another former governor in the list of the richest businessmen in Ebonyi state. Martin Elechi is a wealthy politician. He was the proceeding governor of the state after succeeding Sam Egwu.

He left the People Democratic Party and is currently a registered member of the All Progressive Congress. Martins Elechi is among the wealthiest people in Ebonyi thanks to his considerable wealth. His estimated $9 million net worth includes assets like vehicles and other possessions.


Sylvanus Ngele is another notable rich person in Ebonyi state. The government personnel and a politician fills in this position in our list of most richest men in Ebonyi State. During the beginning of the fourth republic, he was appointed to represent the state’s Ebonyi North senatorial district in the Senate. He was a politician who was well-liked throughout the state, especially for the good things he did for his family.


Nwali Sylvester Ngwuta is a prominent legal practitioner. He is among the richest men in Ebonyi State. He serves as a judge on Nigeria’s Supreme Court. He was born in Amofia-Ukawu, which is in the state’s Onitsha LGA. The former Chief Justice graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University with a four-year degree in law. He has enough wealth to earn him this position.


Paulinus Igwe Nwagu is ranked as Ebonyi’s ninth-richest millionaire. He is a well-known lawmaker in the region. The politician studied Political Science for four years at the university. He later went into governmental issues to rehearse his hypothetical knowledge. Paulinus is estimated to be worth $4 million.


Benard Odoh is yet another rich political personality in Ebonyi state. The politician is the tenth richest man in Ebonyi state, and he is listed last.

He has a reputation for significantly advancing his political career over the years by acting in a variety of capacities. Benard Odoh is one of the wealthiest people in Ebonyi State thanks to his huge personal worth.


Ebonyi is among the Igbo speaking states in Nigeria and is located in the south eastern region of the country. There are numbers of rich people in Ebonyi state. Nevertheless, we chose to list these well-known ten in order to give you a sense of the state’s wealthiest citizens.

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