Responsibilities & Duties Of Constituted Authority To The People

Individuals and group of people that occupy positions of power are said to be constituted authority if they rightly occupy the position legitimately.

This suggests that if condition necessary to occupy the position is by election or by appointment and if this condition is met, then the person or group of persons could be regarded as a constituted authority.

The head of the National Assembly is a constituted authority. The President of the Federation is a constituted authority because he rightly occupy the position legitimately through the votes of the electorate.

The Rector of the Polytechnic is a constituted authority as he was duly appointed by the President who is the visitor to the school.

This perhaps explains why military government are not a constituted authority as they lack the necessary conditions required to occupy the office they seized as they are not recognized by the constitution, they are not voted by the people they came to govern hence they lack legitimacy.

The duties and responsibilities of constituted authority include the following:

1. To operate within the framework of the regulations setting up their organizations. Constituted authorities must adhere strictly to the regulations which gave them power. The President of the Federation is not expected to do anything outside the constitution that empowers him.

2. To lead by showing good examples constituted authority must be an aggregate of good behaviour which the people can emulate. Constituted authority must not only be heard of preaching norms or ideals of good behaviour but must be seen to be epitome of good behaviour.

3. To Eschew Corruption: constituted authority must eschew corruption, nepotism, favoritism and all other negative things that may portray him in bad light.

4. To show transparent honesty: it is also expected of constituted authority to show transparency in their dealing with the people.

5. To be fair and just: there should be no form of discrimination in dealing of constituted authority with the people. There should be equal treatment of all peoples of different tribes to ensure fairness and justice.

6. To harness resources: Constituted authority should harness human and material resources of the country for social and economic development.

7. Accountability: since those in authority derive their power from the people it goes to say that they must give account of their tenure to the people. This will make the people to assess their efficiency and effectiveness.

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