Latest Prices of Foodstuffs in Nigerian Market (June, 2024)

Without denying it, every now and then, I wish I could just know the latest prices of foodstuff in the market before getting there. This helps me prepare my budget before hand so as to avoid surprises.

prices of foodstuff in nigeria

However, I usually don’t get exactly what I want as it is very difficult to get the exact prices of foodstuff in the market. So, have this in mind just like I use to, these prices are just ranges. You might be lucky and the price fall below the estimated. In other cases, it might surpass the estimation.

The prices vary by location. For example, foodstuff like maize and beans is cheaper in the Northern part of the country compared to the Southern part. On the other hand, Palm oil is cheaper in the southern part. Even in these locations, you still have variation in prices. These are partly due location and the law of demand and supply and it effect on price.

This post explains the current prices of popular foodstuffs in the market this 2024.

Price Of Maize In The Nigerian Market Today

The importance of maize in Nigeria cannot be over emphasized. It is either cooked, roasted or processed into variety of foods. Nigeria is said to be the largest producer of maize in Africa and third largest in the world after the United States and Mexico.

The leading producers of Maize in Nigeria are: Kaduna, Niger, Taraba, Plateau and Adamawa states.

With the major producers located in the North, there’s bound to be price variation. However, the price ranges are listed below.

  • Maize (white): N16, 000 – N18, 000
  • Maize (Yellow): N15, 000 – N18, 000

Price Of Rice In Nigerian Market

Rice is one of the most loved and cherished food item in Nigeria. Interestingly, Nigeria is the largest producer of rice in West Africa. On the other hand, the amount cultivated by the Nigerian farmers cannot meet the local demand. Thus, leading to it importation. In recent times, there’s a conscious effect by the Federal Government to discourage importation and encourage local production of this food item.

Virtually, rice is cultivated in all the states in Nigeria. However, the main areas of rice cultivation in the country include the middle belt and Northern states of Benue, Borno, Kaduna, Kano, Niger and Taraba. Rice is also grown in the South-Eastern states of Enugu, Cross River and Ebonyi.

In the Nigerian market, price of rice varies according to location and brand. For the brands, the popular ones include: Mama Gold, Stallion, Rice Master and Caprice.

The latest prices ranges are listed below.

  • Rice (50kg) = N29,000 — N30, 000
  • Rice (25kg) = N15,500 — N20,000
  • Rice (10kg) = N8,500 — N10, 500
  • Rice (5kg) = N5,500 — N8, 500

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Price Of Beans In Nigerian Market

Beans is one of the major agricultural crops Nigeria is known for. Nigeria is said to be the largest producer and consumer of beans in the world, producing 2.2 million metric tons of dried grain in 2010.

Beans is produced more in Borno, Zamfara, Sokoto, Kano, Gombe and Yobe states respectively.

A lot of people like eating beans. Beans can be used for making porridge, it can be used for making akara, moi-moi and beans soup popularly known as “Gbegiri” in Yoruba.

The love people have for beans is not far fetch, it is a major source of protein, it prevents us from heart diseases, diabetes and a whole lot of other sicknesses.

The current prices of beans are listed below:

  • Oloyin Beans (50kg) = N30,000 – N39,000
  • OloyinBeans (25kg) = N15,000 – N19,000
  • Olotun Beans (50kg) = N29,000 – N36,000
  • Olotun Beans (25kg) = N14,000 – N17,000
  • White Beans (50kg) = N32,000
  • Brown Beans (50kg) = N32,000

Price Of Cassava In The Nigerian Market Today

The popular staple food Garri (cassava flakes or whatever you call it) is made from cassava. This agricultural tuber crop is so popular in Nigeria that hardly would you hear or even see someone that have not come in contact with it or even heard of it. Interestingly, Nigeria is the largest producer of it. the prices are listed below.

  • A bag of Yam Flour (Elubo): N63, 000- N69, 000
  • A bag of Garri: N13, 000 – N17, 000
  • A paint bucket of Garri: N650- N900
  • A bag of Ijebu Gaari (80 kg): N10, 000 – N16, 000
  • A bag of White Gaari (50 kg): N6, 000 – N12, 000
  • A bag of Yellow Gaari (50 kg): N6, 000 – N8, 500

Price Of Yam In The Nigerian Market

Yam is the favorite of many because of the famous ‘pound yam’ and other delicacies prepared for it. Yam is cultivated in large quantities in the country.

In fact, data made available by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) shows that Nigeria is the world’s largest producer of yam.

In 1985, Nigeria produced 18.3 million tonnes of yam. This number increased to 32.318 million metric tonnes, making it still retains its spot as the largest producer.

In Nigeria, Yams are known by their environment. For example, Bwari Yam, Abuja yam, Benue yam, etc.

The current prices of yam in the country include:

  • Abuja Yam (Large) = N700 – N900
  • Abuja Yam (Medium) = N500 – N650
  • Regular Yam (Large) = N500 – N800
  • Regular Yam (Medium) = N350 – N500

Price Of Potatoes In The Nigerian Market

Potatoes are grown majorly in the agricultural Northern states of Nigeria like Kaduna, Bauchi, Sokoto, Benue, Plateau and Kano.

Sweet potatoes are also grown in substantial amount in Anambra. It prices just like the other foodstuff above vary. It ranges includes:

  • Sweet Potato (Big Basket) = N500 – N650
  • Sweet Potato (Small Basket) = N300 – N400
  • Irish Potato (Big Basket) = N1, 900 – N2, 200
  • Irish Potato (Medium Basket) = N1, 100 – N1, 300
  • Irish Potato (Small Basket) = N500 – N700

Price Of Vegetable In The Nigerian Market

The Nigerian market is full of fresh vegetables of different species. Nigerians loves vegetable, they love them fresh.

Some of the common vegetables in Nigeria include: Tomatoes, onions and pepper.

Their prices are listed below.

  • A basket of Tomatoes: N8, 000 – N10, 000
  • A bag of Pepper (Rodo): N5, 000 – N7, 000
  • A bag of Long pepper (Tatase): N6, 000 – N8, 000
  • A bag Onion (white): N18, 000 – N20, 000
  • A bag of Onion (Red): N15, 000 – N18, 000
  • A crate of egg: N1, 100 – N1, 400

Price Of Cooking Oil In The Nigerian Market

Cooking oil have their place in the preparation of food. Use the wrong oil and the taste of the meal will be sour. That’s why you need to go for the good ones in the market.

Their prices are listed below.

  • Gallon of Palm Oil (5 ltrs) – N2, 200 – N2, 500
  • Gallon of Palm Oil (20 ltrs) – N8, 800-N9, 000
  • Gallon of Palm Oil (30 ltrs) – N12, 800-N13, 000
  • Gallon of Vegetable Oil Local 5 litres: N2, 300 – N2, 6000
  • Gallon of Vegetable Oil (20 ltrs) – N9, 000- N9, 500
  • Gallon of Vegetable Oil (30 ltrs) – N13, 500 –N14, 000
  • Kings Vegetable Oil (5 ltrs) – N2, 900- N3, 000
  • Wesson Vegetable Oil (5 ltrs) – N4, 500 – N4, 700
  • Mamador Vegetable Oil (3.8 ltrs) – N3, 000 – N3, 200
  • Power Vegetable Oil (3 ltrs) – N2, 400- N2, 600

Prices Of Groceries In The Nigerian Market

  • Spaghetti (Golden Penny 500g) – N200 – N250
  • Spaghetti (Dangote 500g) – N200 – N250
  • Spaghetti (Power 500g) – N200 – N250
  • Spaghetti (Bonita 500g) – N250 – N300
  • Powdered Peak Milk (Tin 400g) – N1, 150- N1, 300
  • Powdered Peak Milk (Tin 900g) – N1, 850- N2, 200
  • Powdered Peak Milk (Refill 500g) – N950- N1, 200
  • Powdered Three Crown Milk (Refill 380g) – N800- N1, 000
  • Powdered Loya Milk (Tin 400g) – N800 – N1, 000
  • Powdered Loya Milk (Refill 400g) – N750- N900
  • Milk Coast (Refill) 500g – N700 – N800
  • Milk Dano Powdered (Tin) 500g – N900 – N1, 000
  • Milk Dano Powdered (Tin) 900g – N1, 650- N1, 700
  • Milk Dano (Refill) 500g – N800 – N, 1000
  • Cocoa Beverages Milo (Tin) 500g – N1, 000- N1, 200
  • Cocoa Beverages Milo (Tin) 900g – N1, 900 – N2, 000
  • Cocoa Beverages Milo Refill 500g – N950 – N1, 000
  • Cocoa Beverages Bournvita Refill 500g – N850 – N950
  • Cocoa Beverages Bournvita (Plastic) 500g – N950 – N1, 000
  • Cocoa Beverages Bournvita (Plastic) 900g – N1, 600-N1, 800
  • Cocoa Beverages Ovaltine (Refill) 500g 850- N950
  • Cocoa Beverages Ovaltine (Plastic) 500g – N900- N100
  • Coffee Nescafe Gold Blend – N1, 600 – N1, 800
  • Coffee Nescafe Classic 50g – N550 – N600


The list can go on and on as there are various foodstuffs to buy when you want to prepare meals. It’s practically not possible to give a comprehensive list of all the foodstuff in the market not to talk of their prices. With this, you already have a place to start.

If you want to purchase beans or rice and are looking for a trusted dealer to buy rice or beans in large quantities, contact

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