Cheap Original Power Banks in Nigeria: Prices & Specifications (2024)

There are good power banks online available in Nigeria that are original and can be used to charge phones as an alternative source of electricity. These original power banks come in handy especially when you are in a tight condition to make a phone call or send a mail or text message and your battery is low and drained out.

With the help of these power banks on Jumia, you won’t run out of juice. One thing we guarantee you is that you are sure to get a value for your money if you purchase any of these best powerbanks we are going to list with images and their capacity to back them up.

Technological advancement had led to the proliferation of electronic gadgets in the market. These gadgets which includes smartphones, Tablets, iPad, Laptops and MP3 players among others are been powered by battery. The advancement had led to improvement in developing gadgets that consume less power.

However, this had not been able to meet our ultimate goals as gadgets users as our gadget batteries get drained faster than we can get a source of power. In this case, the solution to this problem is getting a power bank to serve you as a portable charger.

In a way, it seems easy when told to buy a power bank. Sooner or later, you will discover it is not as easy as it seems. The market is flooded with fake and substandard power bank with false battery capacity. What this lead to is a confusion on the buyer’s side. To help you as the buyer out, we have compiled this list of original power banks in Nigeria together with their prices and specification.

Before the list, consider the following when buying a power bank

  • Know your gadget battery capacity (e.g phone battery size in mAh)
  • Know your charger specification
  • Buy what meet the requirements of the above including the number of charge expected.
  • Read the user manual of the power bank before use

ANKER Power Bank In Nigeria: Price & Specification

One of the best set of power banks you can ever buy in the market are the ones made by Anker. Anker is among the top brand of power bank manufacturer in the world with it base in the United States.

Their power banks are some of the most reliable in the world as they are a tested and trusted solution.  The only thing above their products is – they are quite expensive compared to others in their category.

However, if what you want is an original power bank, go for Anker power bank.

The below are the list of Anker power banks you can buy in the Nigerian market.

ANKER POWERCORE 20100 | ₦19,000

This heavy duty powerbank can charge your phones, tablets, iPad and even Bluetooth speakers. If you have an Android phone with low battery, look no further as this can be your personal phone generator.



  • Capacity: 20100mAh capacity
  • Output ports: 2

ANKER POWERCORE 13000 | ₦13,500

This power bank is also original and easy to carry around in one’s pocket. It can charge your Android devices and even iPhone twice before recharging.


  • Capacity: 13000mAh capacity
  • Output ports: 2

ANKER POWERCORE 10400 | ₦11,500

This anker power bank can be easily carried in your pockets and can charge your phones for two or more cycles before it needed recharging.


  • Capacity: 10400mAh capacity
  • Output ports: 2


Very pocket friendly and cheap power bank that can be used to charge your Android or Iphone once before it needed recharging.


  • Capacity: 3350mAh capacity
  • Output ports: 1

NEW AGE Power Bank In Nigeria: Price And Specification

If you have been using phone when universal chargers where in heavy use then there’s a high chance you know this brand. For a while now, New Age had been into the electronic charger market even before the coming of smartphones in the country. this company is now into cheap power banks manufacturing and it products are one of the best in the country.

When it comes to price, it beats the Anker products but it is in built that they can’t be compared. If you don’t have money to get the Anker products, then New Age products are some of the options you have right now. Below are the original New Age power banks that are cheap to buy together with their prices and battery capacity.

NEW AGE 22,500MAH POWER BANK | ₦11,000



  • Capacity: 22,500mAh capacity
  • Output ports: 2

NEW AGE 18,500MAH POWER BANK | ₦11,000



  • Capacity: 18,500mAh capacity
  • Output ports: 2

NEW AGE 7,500MAH POWER BANK | ₦7,000



  • Capacity: 7,500mAh capacity
  • Output ports: 1

NEW AGE 15,000MAH POWER BANK | ₦5,000

  • Capacity: 15,000mAh capacity
  • Output ports: 2

NEW AGE Y20 POWER BANK | ₦11,000



  • Capacity: 4,400mAh capacity
  • Output ports: 1

ROMOSS Power Bank In Nigeria: Price And Specification

Romoss Technologies is highly popular  in Nigeria for producing a wide range of electronics. Some of their quality products to buy are their power banks. Romoss hass made many versions of quality power banks with each suitable to a different purpose. Some of their quality products are listed below



  • Capacity: 20,000mAh capacity
  • Output ports: 2



  • Capacity: 16,000mAh capacity
  • Output ports: 2



  • Capacity: 10,400mAh capacity
  • Output ports: 2

FIL Power Bank In Nigeria: Price And Specification

Fil is also one of the producers of quality power banks that are affordable in the country. Just like New Age power banks, these ones are also cheap and good.

However, be careful as both New Age and Fil have one common problem – Fake power bank manufacturers use to brand to masquerade themselves as this company by printing this company logo on their fake products.

To save, when buying this power banks, buy from JUMIA stores you are sure to get original products. This means avoid buying them at motor parks, there is a high chance what they will sell to you is fake.


This original power bank is very affordable and the real capacity is 15000mah.


  • Capacity: 15,000mAh capacity
  • Output ports: 2

FIL 319 12,000MAH POWER BANK | ₦15,500


  • Capacity: 12,000mAh capacity
  • Output ports: 2
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