List of Notorious Armed Robbers in Nigeria’s History

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At various times, infamous armed robbers have wreaked havoc in Nigeria, in various sections of the country. They left misery and the devastation of lives/properties in the aftermath of their search for instant riches – death, property loss, and pain. Let’s take a look at the most well-known of these infamous individuals.

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Nigeria’s dreaded robber: Lawrence Anini

According to criminal records, these popular Nigerian robbers who are notorious, gave security agents problems before they got caught. They terrorized vicinities and were also wealthy, causing mayhem wherever they went. Read more to know about the worst criminals ever in Nigeria’s history.


In Nigeria’s history, there have been a number of famously known armed robbers, whom their deeds got them popularity. In no particular order, the following is a list of Nigeria’s most dreaded armed robbers:


Lawrence Anini was a popular name and he was seen as the most notorious armed robber in Nigeria’s history who caused fear in the minds of people and was feared in every place he had his operations. Around 1986, Anini was ranked as the dreaded armed robber who plagued Benin City and its environs, especially from March to March.

Anini’s gang, which included Monday Osunbor, his deputy, Friday Ofege, Smallie, Henry Ekponwan, Philip Kingsley Eweka, and Alhaji Zegege, was involved in auto hijacking, bus robberies, and bank robberies. Anini and his gang ruled with the help of corrupt police officers like Inspector George Iyamu, who gave the group with intel, weapons, logistical assistance, and protection.

On March 29, 1987, Anini was sentenced to death by firing squad. Anini is among the armed robbers executed in Nigeria


Ishola operated in the 60s and early 70s. He was a thorn in the flesh as he gave security agents headache as far as armed robbery is involved. In fact, it is on record that Ishola Oyenusi became Nigeria first celebrated Armed Robber when he was caught. His mode of operation included car jackings, bank robberies and stealing/harassing commuters during hold-ups.

Oyenusi along side his six of his gang members were executed in Nigeria on 8th, March 1971 by a joined team of police and armed forces firing brigade. His execution is dully recorded on camera for all to see.


The notorious Lawrence Anini’s deputy was Monday. They staged bank invasion, automobile hijacking, and highway robbery in Benin City in 1986 as members of the Anini armed robbery organization. Lawrence Anini’s trial has been linked to him, and he is being prosecuted for his crimes. He was put to death for his crime.


Ofege was a member of the Anini gang, which terrorized Benin in 1986. Car hijacking, bank robbery, and bus robbery were among the crimes committed by the Anini gang. Some unscrupulous police officers backed them up. The other gang was discovered and had to pay for their crimes at Anini’s trial.


Eweka was also a member of the Anini gang, who plagued the Bendel region, especially Benin City. They committed bank robberies and car hijackings with the help of crooked cops. Following Lawrence Anini’s arrest and subsequent trial in March 1986, the remainder of the group was apprehended and convicted for their crimes.


Abiodun rose from the slums of Abule Egba to become a thief gang leader that terrorized Lagos State and regions of Ogun.

Godogodo and his gang created a lot of buzz as a result of their illegal actions, earning them a position on the Police Most Wanted List. After eluding the police for more than a decade, he was apprehended on March 1, 2013.


Iyamu was a corrupt police officer who participated for Lawrence Anini’s famed armed robbery ring.

He made available arms, intel, logistics support, and protection to the gang that terrorized the Old Bendel State, — in particular Benin City. Lawrence Anini was accused of supporting the gang in exchange for money during his trial. On March 29, 1987, he was tried and then executed by firing squad.


Shogo was born in the state of Kwara, in the state of Offa. He was apprehended for his role in the well-known Offa multiple bank heist and police station attack on March 5, 2018. The Offa tragedy claimed the lives of seventeen people, including eight police officers.


Elah was an infamous armed robber and kidnapper who terrorized a number of Nigerian states in the southeast. He was a member of Henry Chibueze’s group, another armed robber known for his heinous crimes.

After a botched effort to free Henry Chibueze from Owerri High Court in March 2017, he as well as other members of the gang were captured.


Reuben was a member of the armed robbery gang that took out the Offa bank robbery, which involved many banks, as well as the police station attack. Prior to the Offa event, he had already been convicted of armed robbery and had completed his sentence in prison.


Azeez is from Offa in the state of Kwara. He was a member of the armed robbery gang that carried out a series of bank robberies in Offa, Kwara State, killing seventeen people and eight police officers from the Owode Division.


Henry was well-known for his kidnapping and armed robbery operations throughout the South-eastern states and the bordering South-south states. In 2015, he was apprehended and admitted to a number of crimes, including murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery.


Azeez was a member of the armed robbery team that committed the legendary Offa robbery in March 2008. Later that day, he was arrested.


Okene, Kogi State, is where Jimoh was born. The notorious armed robber was detained in connection with the Offa bank heist that occurred in March 2018.


Kayode Opadokun was sentenced to eight months in prison after being convicted of armed robbery.

Upon regaining his release, he actively participated in Otta’s multiple bank robbery on March 5, 2018. Following that incident, he was arrested once more.


Jaba was a member of the criminal crew that carried out the Offa bank heist. In connection with the crime, he was apprehended by the cops.


On March 5, 2018, Kazeem was arrested in Offa in connection with a five-bank robbery. Offa, Kwara State, is his hometown.


Popoola was apprehended in involvement with the robbery of five banks in Offa. His gang also assaulted the Owode Division Police Station, killing eight cops in the process.


  • Evans
  • Henry Ekponwan
  • Isiaka Busari ( also known as Might Joe)
  • Smallie
  • Allaji Zed Zed (also known as Zegege)
  • Ogochukwu Mbisike (also known as Ogogo)
  • Ifeanyi Nwakwo (also known as 2 mins)
  • Adeniyi Ajayi
  • Okwudi Ndiwe (also known as Derico)
  • Shina Rambo
  • Oyenusi
  • Babatunde Folorunsho
  • Obidiozor Otokoto
  • Kayode Williams


That’s the size of this article on the notable armed robbers in Nigeria’s history. However, these are only few of them, as there are many thousand others that couldn’t even be mentioned in this write-up awaiting trial.

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