Nollywood Film/movie Directors & Their Contacts in Nigeria

Most people aspire to be film makers or movie directors in Nigeria. Some just wish to be on set, working with either of these intelligent film directors from Nigeria to gain popularity and make money from acting in Nigeria movie industry.


To my own view, I think these notable film directors put all their best in making sure that Nollywood films are more mature than what it used to be before in the past, there by taking Nigerian Nollywood movies to another level in Nigeria.

Therefore, I took time in researching and sorting out these movie directors contacts in Nigeria for fans who wish to be actors and actresses or better still wants to be a film or movie director in Nigeria and abroad.

Below are the contacts of the best and notable film directors in Nigeria

Twitter handle- Tchidi Chikere @chikereTchidi

Instagram  page-Lancelot Oduwa imaseun(@lancelottimaseun)


4. Kingsley Ogoro
Twitter Handle:Kingsley ogoro@kingsleyogoro

5. Fidelis Duker
Twitter Handle:fidelis duker@fidelisduker

6. Dickson Iroegbu
Twitter Handle:Dickson Iroegbu@dicksoniroegbu

7. Lonzo Nzekwe
Twitter Handle:Lonzo Nzekwe@DirectorLonzo

8. Emem Isong
Twitter Handle:Emem Isong@Ememisong

9. Elivis Chuks
Twitter Handle:Elivis Chuks@Elivis_Chuks.

10. Kunle Afolayan
Twitter Handle:Kunle afolayan@kunleafolayan

11. Charles Novia
Twitter Handle:Charles novia@charlesnovia.

12. Muyiwa Ademolan
instagram page:Muyiwaade molaauthentic.

13. Obi Emelonye
Twitter Handle: Obi Emelonye@obiemelonye.

14. Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi ( AKA Mr.Hollywood)
Instagram Page:Mr.hollywood1010.

15. Desmond Elliot
Twitter Handle:Desmond Elliot@deselliot

16. Ernest Obi
Instagram Page: Ernestmind-set1.

17. Blessing Effiom Egbe
Twitter Handle: Blessing Effiom Egbe@BLESSINGEBGE.

18. Moses Inwang
Twitter Handle-Moses Inwang@MoSneeze.

19. Mealdred Okwo
Twitter Handle-MOVIEMAKER@MealdredO.

20. Ruke Amata
Twitter Handle: Ruke Amata@Rukeamata

21. Stephanie Okereke
Twitter Handle:StephanieOkereke @StephanieLinus

22. Fathia Balogun
Twitter Handle: Fathia balogun@Balogunfathia.

23. Uche Jumbo
Twitter Handle: Uche Jumbo Rodriguez@Uchejumbo.

24. AY Marchukun.

We will update this list as we find more movie producers in the country. But the above film directors are the best in Nollywood with awards to back their claims.

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