Top 10 Most Competitive Courses in Nigerian Universities (2024)

Each course offered in Nigerian universities of learning is significant, however there are some that are seen as very competitive, perhaps as a result of how the general public has viewed it or it may be the opportunities they bring to students who study these courses.


Definitely, it is hard to list the 10 most competitive courses which are generally the most sort after courses in Nigerian universities, because of the inaccessibility of standard information and measures to rank these courses. We have in any case, listed them for students who wants to know the competition for admission of these popular courses.



Medicine has been the most attractive course to read in Nigeria for quite a while now. This is resulting from the general conviction that when you finish your university as a medical specialist, you will find a line of job in the field rapidly.

Furthermore, Medics are the best paid among college graduates in Nigeria. This is the reason most parents even push their children to contemplate medicine as a course in the university.


Law is another popular course studied in Nigerian universities by students, and this has been the situation for a long time now. Law students are recognized from any other students by their standards.

A legal law personnel can work in any organization and get paid a conventional pay. Some decide to go full scale and practice their calling in the law courts. This gives them eminence and they allude to themselves as educated partners.


Accounting is probably the best course to study in Nigeria that you can be sure of finding a decent line of work. Accounting graduates are required in every region or association in Nigeria since everyone oversees accounts. Records are continually required in government establishments, associations, hotels, banks, schools, plane terminals, etc.

Likewise, there are capable courses and accreditation like ICAN that even makes your bookkeeping degree progressively appealing. You should make a specialist course and get enrolled with a specialist body to construct your chances.


Graduates who do either computer science or engineering can attest to the competitive nature of the course. This is because it involves data innovation, PC designing and programming, etc. This course is perhaps the best course to read for what’s to come in the future.

Today, nearly everybody utilizes pcs and the web and pretty much every organization on the web. Nigeria’s PC and information innovation part development rate is high. That is the reason governments and organizations are hoping to enlist experts right now offer more types of assistance and choices right now.

What’s more, the interest for graduates in computer science and engineering will without a doubt increase later on with time and making the course more competitive.


Electrical engineering is a popular course that is competitive in Nigerian universities. It involves the investigation of hardware, electromagnetism, and the utilization of power. Electrical engineers are broadly required in light of the fact that the items they create are utilized in medicine, gaming, mobile phones, applications, vehicles, and route frameworks.

Almost everything that characterizes present day development is connected to electrical engineering. These designers work in labs, workplaces, and enterprises. They create frameworks for power age, transmission, and circulation. All these makes the course more competitive.


Nursing is in like manner most likely the best course to go for in Nigeria as a student. It is now a popular course that guarantees nursing graduates open jobs.

Nursing graduates are known to find a new line of work promptly after school. This have been on the grounds that they benefits a truly necessary in the health division.

Medical attendants work in an assortment of settings. They may decide to rehearse in emergency clinics, nursing homes, clinical workplaces, mobile consideration, word related wellbeing, and health network, schools, facilities, camps, and asylums.


Mechanical building is the utilization of the standards and critical thinking strategies of designing from plan to assembling to the commercial center for any item. Mechanical engineers analyze their work utilizing the standards of movement, vitality, and power — guaranteeing that structures work securely, effectively, and dependably, all at a serious expense.

The truth is that, each item or product in present day life has most likely been contacted here and there by a mechanical engineer to support mankind. This incorporates tackling the present issues and making future arrangements in human services, vitality, transportation, world craving, space investigation, environmental change, others.

The general public at present and in future relies upon mechanical engineers. The requirement for this mastery is incredible in such a large number of fields, and in that capacity, there is no genuine utmost for a mechanical specialist. Occupations are consistently sought after, especially in the automobile, cars, aviation, hardware, biotechnology, and vitality ventures. Through this, entry into the course is very competitive.


Business Administration is also another competitive course that fascinates students in Nigerian universities.  In case you’re hoping to turn into a business manager, you would undoubtedly consider business administration course in the University.

Experience assumes a key job during the time spent turning into a business manager. It is your experience and aptitude that decides your compensation as salary.
For the most part, the activity of a dealing with a business is now and again testing in light of the fact that the manager is liable for guaranteeing that the business is run incredibly.


Candidates who are keen on performing normally study theater arts as a course in the university. A program in this popular course or performing arts can permit students to plan, produce and star in plays, musicals, presentations or even short movies.

Performing and theater arts graduates commonly enter the theater business and apply for function as entertainers, set fashioners, melodic executives, outfit creators or creation administrators. And theater arts majors may likewise decide to become theater pundits or stage chiefs.

The absolute best colleges where you can consider this course in Nigeria are the University of Calabar, University of Lagos, University of Port Harcourt additionally including the Akwa Ibom State University who as of late commissioned their ultramodern facilities for Performing/Theater Arts students.


Civil engineering also make our list of lucrative courses that are competitive to study in any Nigerian univerisity. Most science students who wish to work for building and construction firms undertake this course.

Civil engineers specializes on the build, keep up, and working of frameworks, while at the same time making open, structural and ecological wellbeing by erecting structures and frameworks.

A degree in structural designing open you to an immense employments. Since, as the nation is growing regularly, more structures are worked to supplement this. This has make the course a decent one to consider, but its very competitive getting admission into.


This has been the most competitive courses that are offered in Nigerian universities. As you can see, gaining admission into the university to offer these courses is very critical as it needs much commitment and preparedness. We took time to outline these ten so as to give you a gauge on which courses is the best bargain, because the more it’s competitive, the more it is valued.

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