How to Convert MTN Points to Airtime in Nigeria

MTN users can now make calls using pulse points in their line. Do you know you can seize the chance to stand earning airtime while spending. This certainly applies for the MTN Pulse tariff plan. That is now a reality for MTN’s customers. If you use MTN, you can switch to many different plans, including the pulse plan. The many bonuses of the pulse plan make it special. You can acquire pulse points in addition to the well-known ones like flat rate on calls.


There are numerous ways to gain these pulse points. Recharging has the potential to benefit you. Moreover, using other MTN services or placing calls can earn you money. The benefits that result from these points can then be calculated. For example, a data, airtime, and IG/TikTok bundle.

I’ll demonstrate to you how to turn the pulse points into airtime rather than keeping them untouched like precious metals. Sit back, relax, and have a cup of coffee while we demonstrate how to convert your MTN Pulse points into airtime.


Let’s talk about what the Pulse tariff plan is and the advantages of switching to it. The MTN Pulse tariff plan is a prepaid tariff plan that lets all MTN prepaid customers to experience a number of benefits:

  • You receive standard rate of 11.26k/sec for calls throughout all networks after spending 27k/sec on the first 90 seconds of the day.
  • Moreover, taking use of exclusive data bundles is a benefit of being on the Pulse rate plan.
  • Users can purchase a 1.5GB weekly data plan for ₦500 or a 750MB 3-days plan for ₦300.
  • Additionally, you may take advantage of the unique IG/TikTok/YouTube bundle and the pulse Nightlife Bundle.
  • The MTN Pulse tariff plan also offers the Pulse Tuesday deal, which lets you purchase exclusive discounted plans just on Tuesdays.
  • You can also benefit from a 10MB data bonus the first recharge of the month.

Other life-improving goods and services are available from MTN. Besides that, placing voice calls and activating particular data bundles give you pulse points. Furthermore, you may trade in your earned pulse points for a data bundle, a nightlife bundle, or an IG/TikTok/YouTube bundle.


The advantages of the MTN Pulse tariff plan probably appeal to you. Are you interested in switching to the Pulse tariff plan? You can do this using the subsequent procedures:

  1. You must first text 406 to 131.
  2. Then dial *406*1# or *123*2*2# on your phone
  3. Get the myMTN App from the App Store or Google Play.
  4. After that, open the myMTN NG App.
  5. Proceed to the Home Page and select “Airtime balance” or “Data balance.”
  6. Next, select your current plan from the menu at the top of the page.
  7. Then select “Change Plan.”
  8. Choose “MTN Pulse” from the list of alternatives to complete the migration procedure.
  9. Finally, press the “Confirm Migration” button.
  10. Go to and type your phone number there.
  11. Select “Proceed” after entering the OTP that was delivered to your phone number.
  12. Select Other Plans by clicking your name, “Select My Plan,” and “Select Other Plans” in the top right corner of the homepage.
  13. Choose “MTN Pulse” from the list of choices to finish the migration.

You can also switch to the MTN Pulse plan if you purchase a Pulse Special, Pulse Nightlife, or Special Instagram/TikTok/YouTube Bundle.


There are numerous methods to accrue pulse points as an MTN Pulse subscriber. The following are some of them:

  • Making voice calls: In this situation, whether you make a call that is domestic, international, or roaming, you will receive one point for every five minutes of it.
  • Transferring airtime or data through the use of the myMTN App
  • Buying or gifting daily, weekly, monthly, or IG/TikTok/YouTube data bundles

Each time you obtain a Pulse point, you will be informed. When you reach a specific threshold in Pulse points, you’ll be informed through pop-up or SMS message.

It’s vital to keep in mind that the amount of pulse points you receive in exchange for data purchases or gifts is based on the cost of the data you receive.


It’s pretty simple to determine how many Pulse points you have racked up. Simply enter *406*7# to verify your Pulse point balance. Your Pulse point balance would be communicated to you by text message.


We believe that the primary reason you came to this website was to learn how to exchange your Pulse points for airtime. Sadly, there is no method for you to exchange your earned Pulse points for airtime. But, you can convert those points into data whenever you choose.

You can trade your Pulse points for nightlife bundles, IG/TikTok/YouTube bundles, daily, weekly, and monthly data plans.

You can only exchange your remaining Pulse points for free data up to the amount of your accrued Pulse points. Keep in mind that 1 Pulse point is equivalent to ₦1 in airtime balance.

Let’s get down to the business of the day which is how to redeem or convert your Pulse points. The following channels are where you can use your Pulse points to buy eligible data bundles:

  • SMS: Use the keyword for the any data bundle is texted to 131. For instance, text 104 to 131.
  • USSD code: Also, you can do that using USSD by dialing *406*7# or *131#.
  • Using Data Plan USSD Code: You can also use the USSD code for the desired data bundle to convert your accumulated Pulse points to data.

Choose the data bundle of your choice, then carry out the transaction.

You will notice the phrase “Kindly Select Payment Type,” which offers the choices “Airtime,” “Pulse Points,” “Pulse Points plus Airtime,” and “About Pulse Points.”

If you choose the “Pulse Points” payment option, your remaining Pulse points will be used to pay for your data purchase.

Choose the “Pulse Points and Airtime” option if your balance of Pulse points is insufficient to cover the data package you want to buy. This would allow your airtime balance and accrued Pulse points balance to be used to pay for your data purchase.


If you are a user of the MTN Pulse tariff plan, you may have noticed that you accumulate points by using your line more often. Instead of letting your earned pulse points lying without using them, you can trade them in for valuable items. We covered everything you need to know about the Pulse tariff plan in this article, including how to exchange earned pulse points for airtime.

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