How To Become An OAP Radio Personality in Nigeria (2024)

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Becoming an OAP or a radio personality carries a great deal of respect and notoriety. It’s no surprise that many people want to know how to become a professional OAP in Nigeria. They have quite a lot of unresolved questions about their future profession. Thankfully, this article answers all of your issues as a prospective OAP. Simply keep reading to know how to be a prolific OAP in the country even if you don’t have a certificate.

becoming a radio personality in Nigeria


What exactly is OAP? What exactly is their work? A lot of individuals could come up with a question like this. Media personalities or even radio personalities are terms used to describe online-air personalities (OAP).

They’re the well-known radio hosts or broadcasters who we adore or lust after for performing a great job.

Typically, OAPs plan TV and radio shows. They listen to music, interview celebrities, deliver rumors and gossip, and read the news. They develop content for shows and programs in addition to offering commentaries.

Furthermore, due to their profession, On-Air Personalities (OAP) are also known as Content Creators. OAP comes up with fresh ideas and material for radio stations, as well as interacting with event promoters, investors, and their listeners. Some are in charge of the station’s social media content generation. They may also create material for business owners in order to position an advertisement for them.

Some OAPs plan activities outside of radio and television shows. They can be seen at various programs and events. For example, being hired as MCs or hosts for high-caliber events. There are no limits to what an OAP may accomplish; all it takes is a little imagination!


What are the requirements for becoming a radio host? How can you get a job as a radio host without the need for a degree? Many prospective OAPs in Nigeria who feel incompetent or inadequate can ramble on and on about their shortcomings. They can argue that their lack of a degree, abilities, or experience is preventing them from obtaining their ideal goal.

Whereas these factors are critical, you can still be a successful OAP in Nigeria without them. Conform to the rules below if you want to become a successful radio personality, regardless of your background.


In order to ensure a great career as an OAP in Nigeria, you must specialize. You probably wouldn’t be able to do that without much research. As an OAP in Nigeria, you can pursue a variety of interests. Entertainment, sports, relationships, comedy, gossip, motivational talks, music, and so on are examples of niches.

When deciding on a specialty, keep your motivation in mind. It must be something you can speak about for a long time and that gives you pleasure.

You must also explore different stations that specialize in what you want to do in addition to choosing a specialism. You’ll need to learn about the stations’ requirements for hiring OAPs as well as other pertinent information.


Graduates of Communication, Journalism, and other related majors are the most successful and popular OAPs in Nigeria. This isn’t a random occurrence.

Being an OAP needs excellent communication, public speaking, writing, news reporting, and a variety of other abilities. As a result, you would have to have a degree in one of these fields.

But if you don’t, you can acquire physical training in these talents. You can also take online classes or seek expert advice to improve your skills.


If you would like to become a radio host or a TV host, you need pay heed to and view radio and television programs.

After you’ve done your study, you’ll need to choose a favorite Nigerian OAP or radio host. Make sure you’re listening to and following the station where he/she hosts shows.

Start making it a daily habit to listen to multiple radio stations. This will help you figure out what kind of show you’d like to host. It will also teach you how different OAPs work together and connect with their audiences.

You can improve your public speaking, confidence, and communication abilities as a result of this.


You will have gained some abilities as a result of all of these processes, even if they are in a basic sense. All you have to do now is initiate things. You can make something out of all of the ideas you’ve accumulated from all of the radio shows and programs you’ve listened to. Perhaps an interview with a friend, hosting a show, or discussing a subject.

For this as well, you can make a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, a Vlog, or a podcast. This will help you to establish a positive reputation. You never know when it will present you with an unexpected opportunity.


You must actively search out possibilities as a prospective OAP in Nigeria. You have really no repute, and just a few or no one recognizes who you are. As a result, you’ll have to look for it on your own.

You can apply for internships at several stations by submitting your application. Alternatively, you might obtain the requisite skills under the guidance of a well-known OAP. This is critical so that you may gain practical experience and become familiar with the various equipment that an OAP requires.

Moreover, several radios may require you to drop your sample or have several years of professional experience in order to be considered for an internship. They’ll want to know that you’re serious about it. Volunteering as an intern at one of your on-campus radio stations is also an excellent idea if you’re an undergraduate.


If you want to work as a radio personality, this article will teach you how to do so. Radio hosts and OAPs are generally regarded and held in high regard for their abilities. Even though they are admired and despised by all, becoming one is not easy. Before you can advance, you must start from the ground up with a tiny entry-level position. It necessitates a significant amount of effort, time, energy, and knowledge. Being a successful OAP in Nigeria is a full-time job, but these pointers can certainly assist!

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