How To Get A Job In Bahrain From Nigeria Easily (2024)

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Bahrain is a rich and stable-economy country that many Nigerians do often go there. A good number of these people go there in order to find new job opportunities in the remunerative Arabic country. Nonetheless, getting an employment in Bahrain as a foreigner is not an easy task to carry on. Just as it is with many other countries in the world, you will have to put in lots of effort before you can get your dream job in the country. Interestingly, there are some ways to go through the process and get a job in Bahrain easily. This article will shed more light on how to easily get a job in Bahrain from Nigeria.

getting job in Bahrain from Nigeria

Considering the job openings that are available in the oil-rich Bahrain, it is a place to always look at for with respect to jobs abroad. This a small island country located in the Persian Gulf in the Middle-East, Asia. Arabs are the inhabitants of Bahrain and the official language of the country is Arabic. Firstly, if you are interested in working in the country, you will need to get a work visa, residency permit, and a CPR card, which is basically an identification document.

How To Get A Job In Bahrain From Nigeria (2024)

Below is are steps to guide you on how to get a job in Bahrain if you’re applying from Nigeria;

Step 1: Discover Your Intended Workplace

Firstly, you will have to find companies in Bahrain that have job opportunities that matches your skillset and experience. When you get in touch with these firms, you can send a letter of interest to the Human resources’ department of the company. To give you an edge, please ensure you have a well-written Curriculum Vitae that fits the specific job you are applying for.

Step 2: Apply For The Job Through An Agency

Since there is no Bahrain embassy in Nigeria which you would have done the application through, you now work with an agency. Therefore, you can apply to agencies that deal with application processes in Bahrain or the Middle East.

Step 3: Use The Online Medium To Discover Job Opportunities

Of course, there are a number of resources for searching for employment opportunities in Bahrain. These resources are accessed by using the online medium which is the internet. Check out the sites below to find different employment opportunities. These are online websites to source jobs in Bahrain;

  • Indeed: Check out the Bahrain version of the popular U.S. job search site
  • Naukri: At Naukri, you will find lots of job postings for the Middle East
  • Gulf Talent: This is a place where you will find good opportunities for professional jobs
  • Bayt: This is one of the top job search websites in the Middle East.
  • Learn 4 Good: This website offers lots of teaching opportunities.
  • Monster Gulf Expatriates: Check out the classifieds.
  • Career Jet: Here, you will find job search options for Bahrain.
  • Just Landed: This another place to check for Bahrain job information.

Teaching Jobs

  • On the teaching jobs, the following websites could be of help in getting a job in Bahrain;
  • ESL Employment: This is a job posting website wher you will find so many English teaching job options to choose from.
  • Total ESL: On this website, you will find a wealth of job postings for teaching jobs abroad.
  • ESL Café: Here, you will find the best job openings from around the world and even in Bahrain.
  • Tesall: A good number of big teaching jobs are found in this website
  • Footprints Recruiting: This is one of the largest ESL teaching recruiters in the country.

These are the job posting website that can get you a teaching job in Bahrain. You can resort to teaching English in the country, because of the much desire. If you are a good speaker of English, then teaching this language might be an option for you. The sites we listed above will help you find lots of teaching English job options.

Finance Jobs

This is another area you can find a job in Bahrain. Some job posting website that are available for professional in the finance industry includes:

  • eFinancialCareers: A great search engine for finance jobs on the internet.

Step 4: Be Connected to Potential Jobs

You can stay noticed in the Bahrain job market by showcasing to the potential companies what you can offer. Utilize proficient sites, for example, Linkedin. This is a good expert and professional social network for building contacts in the field and area of your advantage. Fitting yourself into this social network can make some of these related companies in the country to see what you can offer. On LinkedIn, ensure your profile is updated with your highest qualification.

Step 5: Build Your Network

Another way to increase your chances of getting a job in Bahrain is by building your network. This is one of the most significant things you can do when searching for an opportunity in a company or organization. Guarantee you join in and partake in the same number of expert occasions as you possess quality for. This will in turn help you with meeting people who can deliver some help to make your job search simpler and quicker.

Generally, it is a custom in Bahrain, that half of the whole workforce must be made out of Bahraini residents. This is one reason why it is getting progressively hard to find a new line of work in the country and to likewise acquire a working visa.

So as to begin working in Bahrain, you should initially get a employer to go about as your sponsor. Normally, it is the obligation of your employer to get you a work permit before you will be permitted to start work in that area. You may be doled out a job under the condition that your employer has gotten a work permit for you.

Prerequisites to Obtain a Work Permit in Bahrain

In order to obtain a work permit in Bahrain, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. A passport
  2. Standard photographs of yourself which should be at least two.
  3. A copy of your up to date Resume (CV)
  4. Original qualification Certificates that meet what’s stated on your Curriculum Vitae

The work permit is always issued by the concerned authorities in the Bahrain. Moreover, you won’t need to worry too much, because a lot of companies in Bahrain have someone within the company who handles all paper works relating to these kinds of matters.


Conclusively, if you want to put in effort in the right place in order to get a job in Bahrain. Then this article have highlighted how to and we hope you are enlighten on this. Following these steps will lead to your success, which will be by eventually obtaining a job in the Arab country.

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