Benefits of Joining the Nigerian Navy

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Do you plan on joining the Nigerian Navy through short service? Are you interested in knowing the benefits of joining the Nigerian Navy as a sub lieutenant or recruit? This article answers it all.


The Nigerian Navy is a branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces that maintains and protect the territorial waters of the country. It is a prestigious organization where you can start a career in. Their recruitment forms are offered to only able bodied men and women interested to join the security outfit.

It is no surprise that recruitment into the Nigerian navy is a competitive feat. This is because, becoming a naval officer is a very unique career choice. Although, there are certain things that you should know before making your decision to join the Navy.

Right Qualification

Not everyone can join the navy. The most important thing needed by a person to be a part of the navy is the right qualification from the right academic institution. Most student who graduated with a second class lower or a third class have slim chances of making it, as one of the educational requirements in joining the Nigerian navy through direct short service is to graduate with a minimum of second class upper (2.1).

Also, there are some certain courses that are not accepted by the Navy. These courses are never advertised especially when the recruitment is out. Some of these course accepted by the Navy includes:

  • Accounts and budget
  • Chaplain
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Human Resource Management
  • Hydrography
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Imam
  • Legal services
  • Logistics
  • Medical
  • Music
  • Sports

It follows that the minimum educational requirement for applicants into any of these departments is a first degree – B.Sc., B.A., or HND. Holders of the Ordinary National Diploma (OND) or the Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) are not expected to apply and holders of the B.Sc. or B.A. must possess at least a second class upper, and HND holders HND must possess at least an upper credit from an accredited institution within or outside the country.

Health and Fitness

Trust me, you wouldn’t be selected if you are not physically fit. Health and fitness is the second most important thing before you consider enrolling in the navy. Since the officers in the navy have to be on the water for a major portion of the year, their health and fitness becomes a major concern.

Even if you qualify academically, you will be tested physically and if you can’t endure the training, you will be sent out during the training.

People with bad health conditions should not enroll as it could cause problems for not just themselves but to the entire ship as well. Life on ship demands great physical fitness, so don’t opt for the career if you feel you won’t be able to deliver physically.

Reduced social life

Another aspect which is a bit of a disadvantage of joining the Nigerian navy is reduced social life. This is due to the amount of time spent offshore. If you are a social animal who likes to mingle with friends on every opportunity you can find, then better stay away from the navy.

This is why, when thinking about applying for this job, the person needs to think a lot about the time period. If you are the adventurous type, then it would be an advantage to apply for it.

Personality and Attitude

Your personality and nature plays a very vital role in joining the navy. This will afford you the opportunity to not only meet new people but learn lots of new things about different people and cultures of the world. A person who is adventurous, as  mentioned in the previous point could learn and grasp a lot of points that could prove beneficial.

But for a person who does not interact with people that much, the job could prove to be difficult. Apart from all these points, it is also necessary that an applicant who wants to join marine careers does not have any past criminal record. If a person does have any such record, then he or she will not be eligible.

With the above being said, lets now take a cursory look at the advantages or major benefits of joining the Nigerian Navy.


Who doesn’t respect a military man in Nigeria? Well, this is the first advantage of working for the Nigerian navy. Wearing the uniform alone is something special as you are given the respect that most civilians would like to have.

Good salary structure

Aside from being a pensionable job, one thing is for sure when working for the Nigerian Navy. You are being paid well. The benefits and allowances attached to various ranks in the Nigerian navy may differ especially for senior officers and junior officers (ratings).

The Nigerian navy is one of the highest paid armed forces in the military. The highest is the airforce. When you take a look at the monthly salary of a sub lieutenant in the Nigerian navy, (which is the first rank you are decorated with when you join the Navy through the direct short service course) up till the Admiral, you would find that their salary scale is mouth watering.


Enrolling for a naval job is sure one of the best careers you can opt-in for. In fact, it is one of the best careers in the country. If you are really serious in building a nice career out of your profession, go and pick the recruitment form whenever the Navy is employing.


This is another benefit of joining the navy as you are open to travelling round the country and the world at large. Although this is done especially when you are transferred or sent on an assignment abroad.

By the time you are done in serving as a personnel, you might have toured the length and breadth of the world


As long as you obey the rules, regulations, decrees and ordinance of the Nigerian navy, you are sure to be promoted. This is applicable to all military outfits in the country whether in the army, navy or air force.

While their is a specific amount of years you can spend in service, there are also promotional exams you would have to write to get promoted. Try your best to always aim high but with good character so that you can be promoted in rank. For how to get promoted in the Nigerian military fast, see here.


With the training you get at the Navy, you will have knowledge in many areas in life.


Everything that has advantage in life also has a disadvantage. Even though the Navy pay is good, you travel, be fit, are respected, you should know that the same way many young people are looking to get into the Nigerian Navy is the same way many are also looking to get out.

The reasons for this are not too clear but most military and para-military agencies do not treat the families of personnel who lose their lives in the line of duty very well. This is Nigeria, so you should know better. Most at times, you might remain in a particular rank or be delayed while your peers get promoted before your very eyes.

Your freedom of movement also will be restricted as you might not see your family or loved ones in a long time especially with the way the military transfer their officers.When you falter an order, the punishment given is usually dire.

Finally joining the Nigerian navy isn’t an easy process as we all know the Nigerian way of getting a job. Even though they say its based on merit system, I can tell you categorically that you must know somebody above (minister, senator, governor, a high ranking naval officer e.t.c) before you can get the job.

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