Air Hostess Salary Structure in Nigeria: How Much They Earn (2024)

Many young ladies are beginning to consider becoming air hostesses in Nigeria these days. Becoming an air hostess in Nigeria is not too difficult and one does not need to have a specific academic qualification, though most firms do prefer it if you have a basic graduation degree.


In this article, we will look at air hostess salary in Nigeria, how much a Nigerian air hostess takes home every month. Some airlines prefer to have candidates who have completed a diploma in hotel management or in tourism and hospitality industry.

When applying to be an air hostess in Nigeria, you should as a matter of necessity, ensure that you are people-friendly and have the right attitude needed to carry out this job and if you do not know how to smile, you might want to start practicing as soon as possible. In Nigeria today, almost all airlines and have specific high requirements which vary, and you do not have to be extremely beautiful to land the job of an air hostess in Nigeria, just look presentable enough and as earlier said, have the right attitude and you’re good to go.

Nowadays, those interested in this industry can also join air hostess training schools in Nigeria, which provide special training and also recruit candidates in the top airline firms.


To become an Air hostess in Nigeria, you need to have a suitable appearance and the ability to carry yourself with charm and grace while having a natural proclivity to enjoy being of service to others with a smile.

A college degree though not mandatory is still however preferable to make you successful as an air hostess in Nigeria. Besides that, an air hostess in Nigeria is required to go through a training course for handling adverse situations and should be able to maintain a calm attitude during emergencies so that they may control and help others efficiently.

Pick an airline you would like to work with, visit their website, click careers and apply for the job if there is an opening. You will be contacted via email or phone.

At some airlines you can train to do the job before hand. Different airlines have different requirements just look at their website. It does help to know a language because it gives you an advantage.


Being an air hostess in Nigeria is the same as most other countries, there are two ways to get the training which will either be through the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, NCAT, Zaria, Kaduna State where you will undergo an 8-week training at about ₦400,000 (price varies with time) or enrol in any Aviation training centers in Nigeria that are privately owned. A degree from a tertiary institution is not mandatory but it is an added advantage. Learning a foreign language is very vital for getting the job and customer relation skills.


In the aviation industry, Air hostesses in Nigeria get paid between ₦100,000 and ₦300,000 as monthly salary on average and this is subject to the airline they work for. Being an air hostess in Nigeria is a fun job as you get to travel more often and get tips from travelers.

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