Where To Look For Latest Jobs In Nigeria Today

With the high rate of unemployed graduates, getting a job in Nigeria can be really frustrating. However, these current job vacancies in Nigeria are mostly seen online. Equipping yourself with the right attitude, preparation and information on Job opportunities can get you a good job in Nigeria.

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Top job sites in Nigeria

However, we are aware of the difficulty in finding employment opportunities as top companies that pay well in the country, give these jobs to family members without merit. We advise that you learn a skill that would be beneficial to you financially and otherwise. If you still want to get latest vacancies or job openings, this write-up will come in handy.

To search for latest jobs in Nigeria, you can check these places:

Organization Websites

Most companies in Nigeria do not advertise their Job openings on any platform apart from their websites. They set up a page and put the job description for interested applicant.

They believe that if you are really interested in starting or building a career with them, you must have background knowledge of their mode of operations, mission and objectives.

It becomes important that you create a list of Companies or Organizations where you wish to work and check their websites often for information on new job listings or current vacancies in Nigeria.

National Newspapers

Some national newspapers in Nigeria provide valuable information on Job vacancies and should be a source of information for undergraduates who are looking for Jobs in Nigeria.

For example, Vanguard and The Punch newspaper offer such information especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Learn to target the days these national dailies advertise these job listings and read them if you want to get the information you seek.

Top Job Search Sites & Search Engines

There are few websites that offer this service of listing jobs from different categories and Companies in Nigeria.

They are always up to date. We have listed some of them in our previous posts. These websites have subscribe options, where you can enter your emails in order to receive latest job vacancies in Nigeria.

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Search engines such as Google and Yahoo can be another option that can help you find the latest job you are looking for. Input in the right keyword, for example- latest banking Job in Nigeria, international jobs in Nigeria, current job vacancies in Lagos are just some of the few keywords you can use to search for these job listings.

Visiting the Company

Although this is somehow outdated, there are chances that you might be lucky if you visit the company and ask if there are vacancies. Sometimes, it requires you knowing someone within the organization. Before you visit such company, make sure you are neatly dressed with a well constructed resume, application letter both in hard and soft copy as to be ready when such opportunities are available.

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