Smallest States in Nigeria & Their Land Areas

Nigeria’s land area size is measured at 923,768 square kilometers. Out of the 36 states, there are small states in terms of land mass.


Smallest States In Nigeria & land Area

For the record, the largest state in the country is Niger state and it measures a land area of 76, 353 sq km while the smallest state in Nigeria is Lagos state whose land area size is measured at 3,345 sq km.

In this post, we list the smallest states in Nigeria to the largest in ascending order along with their land areas.

Smallest States In Nigeria And Their Land Areas

State Size (km²)
Lagos 3,345
Anambra 4,844
Ebonyi 5,670
Imo 5,530
Abia 6,320
Yobe 45,502
Gombe 20,265
Enugu 7,161
Bayelsa 10,773
Ekiti 6,353
Osun 9,251
Kwara 36,825
Nasarawa 27,117
Ondo 15,500
Adamawa 36,917
Akwa Ibom 7,081
Plateau 30,913
Kogi 29,833
Benue 34,059
Kebbi 36,800
Sokoto 25,973
Cross River 20,156
Borno 70,898
Bauchi 49,119
Ogun 16,980
Kaduna 46,053
Niger 76,363
Jigawa 23,154
Kano 20,131
Delta 17,698
Taraba 54,473
Rivers 11,077
Abuja FCT 7,315
Oyo 28,454
Edo 19,187
  1. Lagos state – 3, 345 sq km2

This is the smallest state in the country with a land area measured at 3,345 in square kilometers.

Despite this feat, Lagos is still the most populous state in the country with about 25 million persons living within her territory.

Also, this state is the main commercial hub of the nation, contributing a greater percentage to the treasury of the country. No wonder Lagos has been ranked among the fastest growing states in the world.

  1. Anambra state – 4,844 sq km2

Anambra is the 2nd smallest state in the country and the eight most populous state in Nigeria.

This state is located in the south-eastern region of the country where the Igbo speaking people reside.

Some major cities in Anambra state that contributes heavily to its IGR are Nnewi, Onitsha and Awka.

It is in record that Anambra state IGR is estimated at N3 billion Naira monthly.

  1. Imo state – 5,530 sq km2

Ranked as the third smallest state in the country with a land area measured at 5,530 square kilometres.

Imo is also a south-eastern and have one of West Africa’s largest oil palm plantations.

Some educational institutions in the state include Imo state university, Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Alvan Ikoku College of Education, etc.

  1. Ebonyi state – 5, 670 sq km2

This Igbo speaking state is small when you compare it to the largest state in Nigeria in terms of land mass, Niger state.

Known for producing crops like rice, potatoes, maize and other agricultural farm products, its role in the country’s development can’t be underestimated.

  1. Abia state – 6, 320 sq km2

Abia state land area shows that it is one of smallest in the country but has what it takes to have a robust economy.

With the production of plastics, drugs, cosmetics, cement and even a booming textile industry, the future of this state show that it might soon become one of the most developed states in the country.

  1. Ekiti state – 6, 353 sq km2

Ekiti is another south western state created on 1st June, 1996 during the military regime and is bounded by Ondo, Kwara and Kogi states respectively.

With a population of about 2 million people living in 16 local government areas, Ekiti state land area is measured at 6, 353 square kilometres.

  1. Akwa Ibom State — 7,081 sq km2

Located at the coastal southern part of Nigeria is Akwa Ibom. Its land area is measured to be 7, 081 square kilometres.

Akwa Ibom is one of the major oil producing states in the country with a population of 5 million residents within its territory. The capital of the state is Uyo.

  1. Enugu State — 7,161 sq km

Enugu state was created in 1991 from old Anambra state with its capital in Enugu city. According to 2006 population figures, there are about 3 million persons residing within the state.

Enugu state has a land area measured at 7,161 km2.

  1. Abuja (FCT) — 7,315 km2

Abuja also known as the Federal Capital Territory is the capital of Nigeria. Located at the North central region, it occupies a land mass of 7,315 km2.

  1. Osun State — 9,251 sq km2

This is a south western state that is bounded by Kwara, Ekiti, Ondo and Ogun state respectively. The land area of Osun state measures 9,251 sq km.

  1. Bayelsa State — 10,773 sq km2

Bayelsa state is located in the southern Niger Delta region between Rivers and Delta state. Its capital is Yenagoa and its land area measures 10,773 sq km.

  1. Rivers State measures 11, 077 sq km2
  2. Ondo State measures 15, 500 square kilometres.
  3. Ogun State is smaller than Delta with a land area measured at 16, 762 sq km2
  4. Delta State has a land area measured at 17, 698 sq km2
  5. Edo State measures 17, 802 square kilometres in terms of land area.
  6. Gombe State is the smallest northern state in Nigeria in terms of land mass measured at 18, 768 sq km2.
  7. Kano State is another large state with a land area measuring 20, 131 square kilometers.
  8. Cross River is the biggest state in the south-south region and measures 20, 156 sq km2 for its land area.
  9. Jigawa State has a land mass measuring 23, 154 sq km.
  10. Kastina State capacity measures 24, 192 sq km.
  11. Sokoto State is another large state occupying a land area measuring 25, 973 sq km2.
  12. Nasarawa State land area measures 27, 117 sq km2.
  13. Oyo State is the largest Yoruba state in terms of land area measuring 28, 454 square kilometres.
  14. Kogi State measures 29, 833 square kilometres.
  15. Plateau State has a land mass measured at 30, 913 sq km.
  16. Benue State land mass is 34, 059 sq km.
  17. Kebbi State land area measures 36, 800 sq km2.
  18. Kwara State has a land mass measured at 36, 825 sq km2.
  19. Adamawa State is slightly bigger than Kwara state with a land area measuring 36, 917 sq km.
  20. Zamfara state land area measures 39, 762 sq km2.
  21. Yobe State is a large state measuring a total land area of 45, 502 in square kilometers.
  22. Bauchi State is next with 45, 837 sq km as the measurement of its land mass.
  23. Kaduna State is one of the largest states in the country in terms of land mass and it measures a total area of 46, 053 sq km2.
  24. Taraba state is smaller than Borno in terms of land mass, measuring 54, 473 sq km.
  25. Borno State is the second largest state in Nigeria but smaller than Niger state with an area measuring 70, 898 square kilometers.
  26. Niger state is the largest state in Nigeria in terms of land mass and it measures 76, 363 sq km in total area.
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