Nigerian Customs Ranks, Salary & Recruitment Details (2024)

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The Nigerian custom salary for its officers are paid according to ranks as with other paramilitary agencies in the country like immigrations, civil defence and the Federal Road Safety Corps.

Nigeria customs ranks and salary

Nigeria customs ranks and salary

With the new minimum wage which was increased from ₦18,000 to ₦33,000, we hope to see this figures also added to the salaries of custom officers in Nigeria. Note that the new salary is put under the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS).

Recruitment into the Nigerian customs service is an annual exercise and is very competitive. Getting a job as a custom officer in Nigeria is also a daunting task as its alleged that senators, governors, politicians and high ranking officers in the NCS prefer putting their candidates as opposed to recruiting on merit.

In this post, we shall provide information on Nigerian customs ranks and salary structure, its roles and allowances accrued to its officers.


(NCS) is an independent agency under the supervisory oversight of the Nigerian Ministry of Finance. This body is saddled with the responsibility of collecting the customs revenue and anti-smuggling efforts.

For some years, the Nigeria Customs Service has fulfilled its many statutory responsibilities which sees that the process of speedy delivery of goods and services is done whilst maintaining an effective control of checkmating the necessary demands of the ever growing international trade.

Ranks in the Nigerian Customs Service

Ranks in the Nigerian Customs Service

However, here are some of the major roles and functions of the NCS:

  • Collection of Revenue (Import /Excise Duties & other Taxes /Levies) and accounting for same;
  • Anti-Smuggling activities;
  • Security functions;
  • Generating statistics for planning and Budgetary purposes;
  • Monitoring Foreign Exchange utilisation etc;
  • Engaging in Research, Planning and Enforcement of Fiscal Policies of Government;
  • Manifest processing;
  • Licensing and registration of Customs Agents;
  • Registration and designation of collecting banks; and
  • Working in collaboration with other government agencies in all approved ports and border station

The NCS like other paramilitary bodies experience their own fair share of challenges. Due to lack of recruiting more uniformed officers, economic crime, terrorism, money laundering, violation of property rights, smuggling of toxic and hazardous items that poses threat to life have been identified as just a few that the custom service are facing.

If you had ordered anything from abroad, your goods must have had a contact with the Nigerian Customs. You probably wouldn’t know since those that shipped it must settle first with the grey uniform men of the customs at the port.

However, when you are into importation when you are actively involved then your meeting and personnel of the Nigerian Customs will become more frequent.

Like I stated earlier, while they help the Nigerian Federal Government in generating revenue through moneys generated from exported and imported goods, they also help combat smuggling.

Due to the money available in this government parastatal, a lot of people are interested in getting a job in the Nigerian custom service and would also want to know the amount they could make working for Nigeria Customs.

The money one could make from working with customs depends on the salary structure. However, this is only a part of the puzzle, there is also allowance as well as other lawful and unlawful (which is strongly advised against) means of money making. Let take a look at the Nigeria custom allowances before their salary scale.


The allowances listed below are available in the Nigeria Customs Service. This however does not mean all persons working with it is entitled to all of it.

While some goes to every personnel, some are tailored toward some personnel due to their duties and ranks. For example, rent allowance only goes to officers not provided accommodation by the Nigerian Government.

The allowance include:

  • Utility allowance
  • Hazard allowance
  • House maintenance allowance
  • Uniform maintenance allowance
  • General Services allowance
  • Torchlight allowance
  • Detective allowance.
  • Hardiness allowance
  • Plain-Cloth allowance
  • Furniture allowance
  • Personal Servant


Just like other para-military bodies in Nigeria, the new salary structure for Para-military personnel is known as the Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (CONPASS), which sees an increase in basic salary and allowances for Nigerian customs officers and all Para-military organizations due to the minimum wage increment.

According to this salary, the least paid customs officer is the Inspector who earns ₦50, 779 monthly and is entitled to an additional ₦10,000 monthly if he/she is not provided with accommodation.

On average, a custom officer earns ₦100,000 as monthly salary and about ₦1,200,000 per annum. Usually, pay depends on level in the service and education.

The highest salary is received by the Controller-General of Customs, the second highest goes to the Deputy Controller Generals, and Assistant Controller Generals in that order.

With the new minimum wage increase, we are sure that officers of customs service will benefit greatly as their salaries will also be increased.

Here’s a table summarizing the basic salary ranges for different ranks:

Rank Salary Range (₦)
Customs Assistant 398,506 – 450,321
Assistant Inspector of Customs/Inspector of Customs 457,358 – 594,484
Assistant Superintendent of Customs II 878,956 – 1,008,991
Assistant Superintendent of Customs I 1,102,562 – 1,123,535
Deputy Superintendent Customs (DSC) Officer 1,134,027 – 1,252,037
Chief Superintendent Customs (CSC) Officer 1,168,172 – 1,335,234
Assistant Comptrollers 1,235,584 – 1,445,449
Deputy Comptrollers 1,629,447 – 1,825,589
Comptrollers 1,749,829 – 1,946,281

It’s important to note that these are ranges, and the actual salary for any individual officer will depend on several factors, including:

  • Rank: The NCS has a hierarchical structure with various ranks, each with its own salary range. The higher the rank, the higher the salary.
  • Qualifications: Educational qualifications play a role in determining entry rank and therefore affect the starting salary. For instance, someone with a Bachelor’s degree will enter at a higher rank and earn more than someone with an O’Level certificate.
  • Years of Service: Officers receive salary increases as they progress through their careers. Each rank typically has several pay points, with salaries increasing at specific intervals based on time in service.
  • Allowances: In addition to base salary, NCS officers receive various allowances like housing, transportation, and hardship allowances, further boosting their overall compensation.


The ranking of officers in the Nigerian Customs Service is quite different from what is obtainable in other para-military organizations in Nigeria. The salary structure of Nigerian customs also depends on the level of the officer. In case you want to start a career or get recruited into the Nigerian customs, it is better you know all about the ranks structure of the Nigerian Customs Service which will guide you in case of are asked during an interview.

The highest ranking officer in the NCS is the Comptroller-General while the Deputy Comptrollers-Generals are next in line. Here is a list of Nigeria custom ranks from highest to lowest (senior officers):

  • Comptroller-General
  • Deputy Comptroller-Generals
  • Assistant Comptroller-Generals
  • Comptrollers
  • Deputy Comptroller
  • Assistant Comptroller
  • Chief Superintendent Customs Officer
  • Deputy Superintendent Customs Officer
  • Assistant Superintendent of Customs I
  • Assistant Superintendent of Customs II
  • Inspector of Customs
  • Assistant Inspector of Customs
  • Customs Assistant


The Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) is a vital government agency responsible for regulating international trade and border security. Joining the NCS can be a rewarding career path, offering stability, good benefits, and the opportunity to serve your country. But securing that coveted position requires meeting specific requirements and navigating the recruitment process with confidence.


  • Citizenship: Only Nigerian citizens with valid means of identification can apply.
  • Age: Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years old at the time of recruitment.
  • Education: You must possess a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution relevant to the chosen cadre. This includes but isn’t limited to Law, Economics, Accounting, Computer Science, Science, Engineering, and Social Sciences.
  • Physical Fitness: Applicants must meet the required physical standards, including height (1.7m for males, 1.64m for females) and medical fitness.
  • Character: You must be of good character with no criminal record.


  • Application Process: Applications are usually done through the official NCS recruitment portal ( During the process, you’ll need to upload relevant documents like academic certificates, birth certificate, and medical reports.
  • Examinations: Applicants will undergo computer-based aptitude tests, physical fitness tests, and oral interviews. Scores in these exams significantly impact your chances of success.
  • Medical Examination: Successful applicants will undergo a medical examination to ensure they meet the required physical and mental health standards.


  • Strong English Language Skills: Excellent written and spoken English communication is crucial for Customs work.
  • IT Skills: Familiarity with basic computer applications is increasingly important.
    Integrity and Discipline: The NCS prioritizes these qualities, so demonstrate them throughout the process.
  • Stay Updated: Follow NCS official channels and news platforms for recruitment announcements and updates.


As of today, this March 2024, the NCS official website indicates no open vacancies. However, it’s recommended to:

  • Check the website regularly for future announcements.
  • Consider preparing for the required tests and assessments in advance.
  • Keep your eligibility documents readily available.

Joining the NCS requires dedication and preparation. By understanding the requirements and eligibility, you can significantly increase your chances of success in this competitive field. Remember, integrity, commitment, and a desire to serve are key drivers in a rewarding career with the Nigerian Customs Service.

I hope this information helps! If you have further questions about specific aspects of the recruitment process, feel free to ask.


According to the official website of the Nigerian Customs service, the highest rank in the Nigeria Customs Service is the Comptroller-General who heads the activities of the service and he/she is the highest paid in the service. He is assisted by six (6) Deputy Comptrollers-Generals (second in command in the ranking of the Nigerian customs) heading the departments as follows:

  • Finance Administration and Technical Service
  • Tariff & Trade
  • Enforcement, Investigation, and Inspection
  • Strategic Research & Policy
  • Human Resource Development
  • Excise, FTZ and Industrial Incentives.

After the Deputy Comptroller-Generals, next in the hierarchy of ranks in the Nigerian Customs is the Assistant Comptroller-Generals heading each division under them followed by the Comptrollers who sees over affairs of each unit under these divisions. ACG (Headquarters) reports directly to the Comptroller-General along with the heads of some Special Units in addition to 4 Assistant-Comptroller-General (ACG) in the zones that coordinate the area commands under their respective jurisdictions.

The picture below clearly shows you the ranks/organisational structure of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS)


Picture showing ranks/organisational structure of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS)

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