How To Start Bulk SMS Business In Nigeria (2024)

Do you want to start a bulk SMS business in Nigeria but don’t know how to go about it? Then this article is for you as it contains the basics you will need if you decide to be a bulk SMS reseller from home and make profit from it.

how to start bulk sms in Nigeria

As we are all aware that there is a high demand for custom bulk SMS for a while now. This is because organizations like churches, banks, businesses, political parties, offices e.t.c often send messages to thousands of subscribers and customers on timely basis.

The only way they can do this cheaply is through the use of custom bulk SMS as opposed to the normal text SMS by network providers who charge high for such SMS.

The joy of venturing into bulk SMS reselling is that it is very profitable and it is a business that requires little capital to start.

What Is Bulk SMS Reselling?

Bulk SMS reselling is a method used to send out messages via the internet to the phone numbers of a large number of persons or organizations. Messages can be announcements, advertisements, events, meeting notices, updates, e.t.c.

Equipment/Tools you will need in starting bulk SMS reselling business

To be a bulk SMS reseller, you would need the following: Little cash, A tablet or a Personal Computer with a reliable internet connection to get started.

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How to start selling bulk SMS in Nigeria

1. Create a well designed user friendly SMS website

Building a SMS website is entirely different from creating a blog or simple site. You should get the service of a programmer to help you do that. Look out for sections to send bulk SMS, to allocate credits, to save user details and carry out other functions associated with the use of SMS business. Hosting and registration of domain fall under this category.

2. Register your bulk SMS site with a bulk SMS wholesaler

Find a reliable SMS wholesaler online that has good reviews and offer good services and register because you will be buying and selling custom SMS units from them. Although, most SMS wholesalers will provide you with your own bulk SMS reselling platform for a fee that will serve as the means and link through which your customers can buy SMS units directly from you and send them out. If you have a website for registering, the better.

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3. Purchase custom SMS units

When done registering with the wholesaler, you would need to buy a specific volume of custom SMS units to kick start your SMS business. You can start with 10,000 units. The wholesaler will credit your account after purchase with the number of units you bought and send you guidelines for setting up reselling portal if you do not have one.

4. Make your business Public

This is one of the most important categories if you want to generate sales and make profit. You will have to advertise your SMS business offline or online. Advertise on blogs that have good readership, promote your business on social media and you can also use Google adwords to reach out to potential buyers.

Finally, ensure customer satisfaction through timely delivery, high delivery rate using good customer relations in offering competitive and affordable rates to your customers.

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