Fastest Internet Network Providers in Nigeria: Top 4 (2024)

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 08:34 pm

If you browse on internet service providers in Nigeria and their charges, you would be surprised at the expensive nature of their data plans.


These network providers, knowing fully well that the internet serves as a medium to check the latest information online have also improved, especially on the speed of their internet with the introduction of 4G LTE broadband services for smartphones and other mobile devices.

But which of these networks can boast of providing fast internet services in the country at a cheap rate?

Recently, it was detected that Nigeria has the highest number of internet users in Africa and ranks 20th in the world. Seeing this development, its no surprise that these WiFi service providers are on top of their game, ensuring that their subscribers enjoy fast connectivity when browsing with their network.

In this article, we shall be listing the top 5 fastest internet service providers in country that you can trust and offer affordable data services.

Globacom Nigeria

GLO stands out as the best internet service provider in the country this 2017 with their affordable data plans which can be used on virtually all kinds of mobile operating system.

They started from 2G network and took a step further by introducing another faster means of connection called the ‘3.75G’ network. They also have the 4G LTE service which is super fast.

One thing that makes GLO 4G LTE broadband service stand out from the rest is the download speed which is unrivaled. If you want to chat, Facebook, Skype play online games or stream a live video, I would advise that you consider GLO because their browsing speed is second to none.

Airtel (Smartphone Network)

Airtel Nigeria is another reliable network provider with a mission to serve Nigerians better fast connection to the Internet on relatively cheap data plans. This network is currently making a name for itself when it comes to browsing and downloading of apps.


Arguably the oldest service provider in Nigeria, they have proven to have all it takes to render the fastest network in the country but seems to be outrun by other networks.

Although, MTN offers unlimited WiFi plan and cheap data plans on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, a lot is still yet to be done concerning their browsing speed.


They were formerly known as Etisalat. They are the latest mobile network providers in the country and would soon join the top Nigeria’s data service providers.

9mobile can boast of having a speedy connection to Internet but its not as fast as the aforementioned internet network service providers. We still see them as reliable.

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