Ogun State Civil Service Salary Structure (2024)

The Ogun State government recently implemented the national minimum wage of ₦30,000 for all civil servants. This has led to an adjustment in the salary structure across all grade levels in 2024.

The Ogun State Civil Service is made up of over 150,000 employees across ministries, agencies, commissions, and local governments. Salaries are determined by grade level, which is based on roles, responsibilities, qualifications, and experience.

Ogun State Civil Service Salary Structure

The lowest paid civil servants at Grade Level 01 now earn between ₦30,500 and ₦47,500 monthly. This meets the new minimum wage requirements. At senior levels, top managers at Grade Level 16 can earn up to ₦220,000 per month. The salary structure aims to provide competitive pay that attracts and retains skilled public servants across administrative, technical, and professional fields.


Below are the salary structure of Ogun state civil service this 2024 from Grade 1 to 17.

GRADE LEVEL 01 – ₦30,500 – ₦47,500

The lowest ranked civil servants in Ogun State fall under Grade Level 01. These entry-level positions often involve basic administrative, clerical, or technical support duties. Jobs may include office assistants, drivers, cleaners, and janitorial staff. With limited skills or experience required, those at Grade Level 01 earn starting monthly salaries between ₦30,500 and ₦47,500.

GRADE LEVEL 02 – ₦45,000 – ₦59,500

At Grade Level 02, civil servants take on more responsibilities requiring additional on-the-job training. Many work as assistants in government offices and ministries providing day-to-day administrative and operational support. Technical staff at this level assist with basic equipment maintenance and monitoring. Salaries range from ₦45,000 to ₦59,500 monthly.

GRADE LEVEL 03 – ₦52,000 – ₦62,000

Grade Level 03 civil servants perform clerical and administrative duties with some independence. This may include maintaining records, preparing reports, coordinating office activities, and supervising junior staff. Technical staff at this level operate equipment and may have limited maintenance duties. Salaries start at ₦52,000 per month up to ₦62,000.

GRADE LEVEL 04 – ₦52,500 – ₦35,000

At Grade Level 04, civil servants take on more specialized roles within government ministries and agencies. Administrative staff may manage systems, oversee projects, and assist with departmental budgeting. Technical employees maintain and repair equipment. Salaries range from ₦52,500 to ₦35,000 monthly.

GRADE LEVEL 05 – ₦55,000 – ₦71,000

Civil servants at Grade Level 05 fill experienced administrative and technical roles. They work relatively independently coordinating complex clerical work, supervising teams, and assisting senior officials. Technical staff are capable of inspecting and diagnosing equipment issues. Salaries start at ₦55,000 and go up to ₦71,000 per month.

GRADE LEVEL 06 – ₦61,000 – ₦79,500

At Grade Level 06, civil servants perform specialized administrative or technical duties with considerable autonomy. They may supervise divisions within a department, manage complex systems and projects, or provide technical support services. With additional qualifications, salaries range from ₦61,000 to ₦79,500 monthly.

GRADE LEVEL 07 – ₦71,500 – ₦94,000

Senior administrative and technical workers fall under Grade Level 07. In administrative roles, they oversee operational units and supervise teams delivering essential services. Technical staff at this level inspect complex equipment, perform diagnostics, and coordinate repairs. Salaries start at ₦71,500 and can reach ₦94,000 per month.

GRADE LEVEL 08 – ₦74,000 – ₦110,000

At Grade Level 08, civil servants perform advanced administrative and technical duties. They develop systems, set policies and procedures, manage large teams and budgets, coordinate interdepartmental activities, and ensure statutory regulations are followed. Salaries range from ₦74,000 to ₦110,000 monthly.

GRADE LEVEL 09 – ₦93,500 – ₦126,000

Grade Level 09 contains experienced managers and technical experts who plan, direct, and coordinate major divisions and programs. Administrative staff develop and implement policies, oversee financial and human resources operations, and problem-solve complex issues. Technical roles involve engineering infrastructure projects and managing facilities. Salaries start at ₦93,500 and go up to ₦126,000 monthly.

GRADE LEVEL 10 – ₦103,000 – ₦141,500

At Grade Level 10, civil servants direct major departments and programs across ministries. They set strategic goals, manage significant budgets and staff, represent their department publicly, and advise state officials on related policies. Technical experts may oversee critical infrastructure and facilities. Salaries range from ₦103,000 to ₦141,500 per month.

GRADE LEVEL 12 – ₦107,500 – ₦157,000

As leaders within the state civil service, those at Grade Level 12 direct multi-departmental operations and implement policies handed down from political appointees. They are accountable for broad programs and sizeable budgets. Salaries start at ₦107,500 and can reach ₦157,000 monthly.

GRADE LEVEL 13 – ₦128,000 – ₦158,500

At the highest administrative level within the civil service, Grade Level 13 managers oversee large agencies and commissions. They are responsible for the overall performance of their organization and manage relationships with elected officials. Salaries range from ₦128,000 to ₦158,500 per month.

GRADE LEVEL 14 – ₦137,500 – ₦183,000

The top technical specialists and professionals in fields like law, medicine, and engineering are ranked at Grade Level 14. They provide expert guidance on technical matters related to statewide policies, programs, and infrastructure. Salaries start at ₦137,500 and go up to ₦183,000 monthly.

GRADE LEVEL 15 – ₦150,000 – ₦197,500

Grade Level 15 is reserved for the elite senior technical and professional leaders in the Ogun State civil service. They oversee multi-department technical divisions and implement policies applying their extensive expertise. Minimum salaries for grade level 15 workers begin at ₦150,000 per month, reaching up to ₦197,500.

GRADE LEVEL 16 – ₦170,000 – ₦220,000

The pinnacle of the Ogun State civil service is Grade Level 16. These are the most senior directors commanding multiple agencies and commissions. They may advise the governor and legislature directly on technical and administrative matters. Salaries range from ₦170,000 up to ₦220,000 monthly.

GRADE LEVEL 17 – ₦180,500 – ₦250,500

At Grade Level 17, highly distinguished individuals oversee and provide counsel regarding broad statewide programs and initiatives. Appointed by the governor, these senior statesmen guide policies applying decades of administrative, technical and professional expertise. Salaries start at ₦180,500 and reach ₦250,500 per month.


The Ogun State government’s revised civil service salary structure for 2024 offers pay that aligns with minimum wage requirements and skills at each grade level.

Though salaries rise significantly for senior roles, even entry-level civil servants now earn above the minimum ₦30,000 monthly wage.

The new structure enables Ogun State to continue developing a quality public workforce delivering essential services across the state.

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