Ekiti State Civil Service Salary Structure (2024)

The Ekiti State government has announced new salary for civil servants this year 2024.

All workers from levels 1 to 17 have gotten salary increase. This is so that government staff can do their work better and help people well. The new pay is to make them happy and strong to serve Ekiti people.

Ekiti State Civil Service Salary Structure

This article will highlight to you all you should know about the Ekiti State Civil Service salary regime. This information will help you to know what to expect when intending to work with the state government.


The Ekiti State Civil Service salary structure consists of 17 grade levels, starting from a minimum wage of ₦19,500 per month at Grade Level 01 to a maximum salary of ₦213,500 per month at Grade Level 17.

The salaries across all levels are structured based on skills, experience and qualifications required for jobs at each grade. For instance, entry-level roles like cleaners and messengers are placed at Grade 01 while the Head of Service position is at the highest Grade 17.

Minimum wage of Ekiti state is thus lower than ₦30,000 monthly. The service also have promotions which are merit-based, with officers needing to acquire further qualifications or skills and demonstrate good performance consistently to rise through the grades.  Promotions are never automatic but rather based on vertical and horizontal movement up the grades as approved by the Civil Service Commission.


GRADE LEVEL 01 (₦19,500 – ₦27,000 PER MONTH)

The lowest grade level in the Ekiti State civil service structure, jobs here include messengers, cleaners, tea makers, and other basic manual roles requiring little to no formal education. Workers ensure basic functions like cleaning offices, delivering messages and items between departments, serving tea/refreshments, and assisting higher grade staff.

GRADE LEVEL 02 (₦21,000 – ₦29,500 PER MONTH)

This includes entry-level clerical and secretarial jobs like typists, receptionists, office assistants, registry clerks, etc. Workers type documents, receive visitors at offices, answer phone calls, file paperwork, sort mail, and provide basic administrative support to higher grades. Minimum of secondary school qualification.

GRADE LEVEL 03 (₦22,000 – ₦32,000 PER MONTH)

Junior clerks, assistants and technicians like account clerks, engineering assistants, community health assistants can be found here. Assist higher grade accountants, engineers, health workers by maintaining financial records, repairing equipment, treating minor illnesses. Minimum qualification is National Certificate in Education or diploma.

GRADE LEVEL 04 (₦22,500 – ₦35,000 PER MONTH)

Skilled craftspeople, drivers, cooks, security guards at this level. Carry out specialized manual jobs like electrical installations, plumbing, vehicle maintenance, operate government vehicles, prepare meals at staff canteens, guard offices and residential quarters.

GRADE LEVEL 05 (₦25,000 – ₦41,000 PER MONTH)

Contains specialist clerical officers, ward attendants and other experienced/skilled assistants. These workers maintain personnel records, care for patients under nursing supervision, carry out community mobilization for health/development programs. Minimum 5 credits including English and Math are needed.

GRADE LEVEL 06 (₦31,000 – ₦49,500 PER MONTH)

Experienced clerical staff, technical operators and junior professionals are employed. It includes confidential secretaries, accountants, nurses, technicians with minimum diploma or NCE qualifications. Support managers by typing confidential documents, maintaining accounting books, delivering health services.

GRADE LEVEL 07 (₦41,500 – ₦64,000 PER MONTH)

Contains senior technical operators, professional assistants, administrators and executives officers. Civil engineers, surveyors, education officers, computer analysts require a minimum HND or university degree. Draft detailed engineering plans, advice schools on policy, develop software systems for government offices.

GRADE LEVEL 08 (₦54,000 – ₦80,000 PER MONTH)

Specialist medical doctors, lawyers, lecturers, senior surveyors and engineers are employed at this stage. Includes consultant pediatricians and gynecologists, chief state counsels, senior college tutors, chief engineers and architects. Minimum of 5 years experience with masters degree qualification needed.

GRADE LEVEL 09 (₦63,500 – ₦96,000 PER MONTH)

Highly experienced directors and deputy directors who head departments, agencies and units. Includes directors of education, health, works and transport, information, finance and accounts who develop policies and programs for their sectors. These employees reports directly to permanent secretaries and commissioners.

GRADE LEVEL 10 (₦73,000 – ₦111,500 PER MONTH)

The Ekiti State Grade Level 10 includes permanent secretaries – administrative heads and accounting officers of ministries. They are accountable to commissioners and provides high level administrative support by overseeing all departments and staff within a ministry.

GRADE LEVEL 12 (₦87,500 – ₦127,000 PER MONTH)

This rank includes experienced medical specialists and hospital directors such as Chief Consultant Physicians and Medical Directors. Lead specialist medical teams and manage affairs of hospitals/health institutions.

GRADE LEVEL 13 (₦98,000 – ₦138,500 PER MONTH)

At the grade level 13 in the Ekiti State Civil Service, includes Directors-General and heads of specialized agencies/bodies like Civil Service Commission, Bureau of Statistics, Government Printer, Veterinary Director. Oversee operations of key agencies that support government functions. Reports to commissioners and permanent secretaries.

GRADE LEVEL 14 (₦107,500 – ₦153,000 PER MONTH)

Chief directors support the permanent secretary heading large ministries with departments. Provides coordination for smooth administration and execution of policies. Can act on behalf during permanent secretary’s absence.

GRADE LEVEL 15 (₦120,000 – ₦167,500 PER MONTH)

This rank is reserved for State Auditor General who heads audit department. Responsible for the internal audit of the state’s accounts and reporting on financial performance of agencies. Ensures accountability and transparency in government spending.

GRADE LEVEL 16 (₦132,000 – ₦190,000 PER MONTH)

Administrative positions like Clerk of State House of Assembly and State Commissioners who head ministries are placed here. Clerks provide procedural advice, document records and communicate legislature decisions while Commissioners make policies for sectors development.

GRADE LEVEL 17 (₦147,500 – ₦213,500 PER MONTH)

The highest grade in the Ekiti State Civil Service is reserved for the State Head of Service. This personel is responsible for managing the state’s civil service administration, facilitating formulations of policies and initiating reforms. He/she reports directly to the state governor.


In summary, Ekiti state civil servants will now receive better salary from grade 1 to 17. Even the junior workers will get reasonable pay. This new salary plan is to motivate them and bring better service to common people.

We hope workers will have less money worries so they can concentrate on performing duties properly. It will help Ekiti state to progress well when public workers are happy and get good earning.

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